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Hey folks! New to the forum. I just bought a '19 base model with a stick, so I can hopefully tow it behind our RV. I also wanted something to put my dogs in for a ride...and to allow them to fit I modded the rear space. I removed the seats and belt anchors, then traced out a pattern and got some plywood. After I cut the wood I taped the sides so as not to scratch up the plastic interior bits, then installed some foam mat material. Finally, I found a perfect sized dog hammock/cargo cover that spans the front seat backs and the entire cargo floor space as well as the rear doors. Now I can fit two of my larger dogs somewhat comfortably! 

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Dang you really went for it... I'm just going to buy a bigger car...

I wish the seats folded down flat like most vehicles.  I don't understand the nearly half up approach... not super helpful.  

Yours sounds cool though! 

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