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Amp sub and speaker help

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I hooked up two 6x9s in the rear deck. it sounded pretty good for a while but the speakers where cheep and now one crackles.
So I am looking to spend a little more to get some better 6 x 9s.
But this time I am going to also buy a little amp and some sort of sub that will fit in the back "trunk" area.

I know NOTHING about hooking up such things.


is there some sort of wire diagram I can refer too?
I googled it and 10,000 different wiring diagrams popped up. I have my two speaker wires available for the 6x9s but I do not know how to incorporate an amp and sub into that.

I hear you can blow the head unit if not added correctly.


help this old dog with this new trick please?


2015 spark - gas



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