Snow chains, cables, or socks for 2014 gas Spark...

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It's been asked before but I've never seen a thread that stays on topic beyond one "answer" and it's usually not a "straight answer". I've read lots of suggestions about snow tires, then storm stories, then tangential forays into stories about entirely different makes and models and how much someone misses their old whatever...


Surely someone has put chains, cables, or snow socks on their Spark over the past 6 years since it's release in the states. Surely there is someone who has found something tht fits and won't cause damage.



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I own a 2016 Chevrolet spark 2LT. I live in Canada and I've used chains every winter to reach my cabin on a private road that is not always plowed. 

I've never had any problems with them or any damage done to my car by them. 


These are the models I've used:

Peerless Security Chain Company 0152505 Auto-Trac Tire Chains




Peerless Security Chain Company Z-539 Z-Chain



I've found that the first set works best on ice, and the second one on snow.


I hope this helps, 

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