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I experienced a really strange thing. The gas padel stuck for a moment.

It happened couple of times in last 4 yrs. I usually ignored, as tapping padel gently resolve it and it very infrequent. But today I had to go little more than a gentle tap.

It happens when the padel is totally released (e.g. bumper-to-bumper traffic) & then I press it to start moving.

I drive very less, especially for last 2 yrs. Its Manual transmission. There is no light on dashboard, forgot to check on obd.

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What year is your car? I am not familiar with the build so does it have a throttle cable or is it drive by wire? If its throttle cable I would look for binding or something sticking. If it was drive by wire I would think it would set a code as the ecm closely monitors all that. 

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Thanks Ray.


It's 2010, India. As I can visually compare its equivalent to 2013 US. Both are powered by same smartek-ii 1.2L engine, with certain change to US requirements legal & personal.


As I understand its by cable only. But will confirm before moving forward. If its cable, I will get it replaced at service centre as its a critical component to my books, better safe than sorry.


When you mentioned binding or sticking, It striked me that this happens to my bike's cables too. Some of strands from cable cut loose and start sticking to inner liner.

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