Hypermiling 2015 Spark

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I'm Hypermiling in my 2015 Chevy spark LT1 CVT

On mpg gauge it's 50.4 mpg

Last 1600 miles average 54 mpg city/highway/day/night mixture of driving checking each time I fill up with 10% ethanol gas..... anyone have any ideas on better mpg or mpg hacks


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I noticed driving style was a major factor. Is your dash reading also around 50mpg? Sorry, just read your comment again. Very impressive. My goal is $ per mile and power. I'm converting to e85 and throwing a turbo on. I am excited for the turbo and the CVT combo. I will not come close to the mpg you reached. What are your eco hacks? You could probably use hp tuners for more but it is spendy and 50 is pretty insane as is. You could find someone local with the set up. I'm MN based


One potential useful tip is thinking aerodynamics. Those fog light spots where there are just grey indents should be smoothed out. One day I covered them with painters tape for fun. Seemed to help a tad but I didn't do any serious testing. A more permanent option like bondo might work if the results are good

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