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Hello. I have a 2014 spark LT 5 speed manual with a naturally aspirated 1.2l 4 cyl. My traction control has always worked and been more of a pain than a help on the summer roads. Every time I’d pull a hole shot the car would bog and the traction light would flash. So I got in the habit of turning it off when I needed to shoot a gap in traffic. Fast forward until today. First real snow in my town. Enough to cover roads. And guess what’s not working at all. Traction control. Put it in first and spun tires up shift to second with tires still spinning. No assistance From the traction control system, no blinking Light on dash, no bogging down. Nothing. Any suggestions or had any one else had this happen?

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My WAG is there was something defective from the  beginning. The expense of repair at this point may not be worth it unless you need to drive frequently on icy roads. With a stick shift you have inherently better control over the car than a slush box anyways. My suggestion would be to spend the money on good winter tires instead during snow season.

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