My 2017 so far...

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8 months

16k miles

40mpg average

Driver's seat kinda sucks...I'm not small, not huge either, 6'1" 200#, I had to buy a cushion for my butt  because the seat is already collapsed

I do NOT like touchscreen system. Freezes a lot. I use Android Auto

Overall pleased with price/performance ratio

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I love my 2017 Spark LS with CVT for  trips less than 100 miles round trip. I agree with Stevil that seats are not comfortable for old geezers like me for longer trips. Our other car is a 2011 HHR (chevy) and last year we did a 7000 mile trip in it and my butt came out of it without any pain. No problems at all so far with both cars, except both front doors of my Spark squeak a little when opened. That rear vision camera on Spark is a neck saver and adds to safer driving.

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