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Leaves me stranded and accelerates on its own

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I’m at my wits end with my 2015 Chevrolet Spark. I’m just going to list the issues I’ve had and the response I’ve received from our local dealership. 

3 times Spark has accelerated. Sitting at stoplight, light turns green, I press thengas petal and Spark revs to 5,000 RPM’s at take off. I press the brake petal over and over and nothing. I cannot stop the car, not slow it down. Taken in to dealer and I’m always told nobody else has ever had the problem and they cannot recreate it. I consider myself very lucky that the episodes have lasted only 5-7 seconds and I haven’t wrecked into anyone. They always think my gas petal is stuck on the floor mat. I have the heavy black rubber mats and that is not what is happening. 

   Next, these issues started this month:

left me stranded 4 times. Anti left activates by itself and disables my car. 

    Now, I have cranked it at 3 separate times and I watch the left turn signal turn on, then the right, then the hazards and last the traction control turns off. This happens as soon as I crank it and I just watch it happen. The last time, the windshield wipers came on also. 


I bought a car with a warranty so I felt safe and covered. I have children and I would never let my teens drive this car. When you take off, there is such a lag in the “get up and go”, that planning is highly necessary when driving this car. I have never felt such anxiety when driving a “new” car. My dealership seems to just want to get me out the door, and don’t seem to be concerned when I show up crying and scared of this car. I have another appointment tomorrow with them, but I know it will be the same answer as always and lack of concern. All these issues are intermittent, so you just feel like a sitting duck waiting for these things to occur. I don’t know what to do.

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I would find another dealership to take it too and see what they say. I would also contact GM customer care and open a case with them. The throttle system is drive by wire. There is no linkage from the pedal to the throttle body. So the drive motor on the throttle body would have to get a weird signal and activate. That is very closely monitored by the computer and will set a fault if it see's something like that happen. With no faults and no check engine light I can see where the dealership would think its a floor mat or something like that. 


The other issues you describe I have seen one time with mine. It was due to a battery that was going bad. Really weird stuff like that happens with modern cars when the battery fails to give the proper voltage and amps but is still strong enough to start the car. 


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Is the battery original? If so, I would take RD's suggestion above and get a new battery.

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