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Just picked up a new 2015 Spark LT1 (I'm pretty sure) from one of those "fix your credit" places where they dont lef you pick a car just hand one over and tell you your payments.

So far.... it's been a disappointment. Day 1 CEL, Day 2 Failed CVT. 

Not all hope is lost though, I do really like a few things about this car.

MyLink, high revving motor, tight handling.. there is some potential here. Headlights are uuugly (Newer ones are actually quite nice) and it's kind of sluggish unless your really keeping it wound up. 

I'll be looking to up the hp a little (hoping to hit around 100 and stop) other then that should last a year or so that I need to use it. 

Lived on the forums for all of my other vehicles so now registration is just part of the first few steps of getting a new car. 

All the best. 


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