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Hello, I'm new, just bought a 2016 spark ls and I have a question about the tire pressure monitoring system. I found a set of alloy wheels off a 2013 spark that I would like to put on my 2016 spark ls (which has steel wheels stock)... I want to know if it is possible to move and mount the tire pressure sensors from my 2016 steel wheels onto the 2013 alloy wheels?

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Welcome Jo!!! :welcome:


I don't have tpms in my car but after looking for many option on net, I have this basic idea. May be helpful to your case.


As I understand the valve is same across the rims normally used, so using same sensor (that is usually sensor module screwed to valve) shouldn't be a issue. Even if the valve is different, you may get valve body for new rims and attach sensor module on that.

In short, you 1st check if valve fits on new rim and if not, check of valve body with sensor mounting option, which can fit to new rim.

Although, best if someone who did it already can tell precisely.

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