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Hello all. 2018 Spark LS owner. Does anyone know how to remove the radio faceplate on this model year? I've tried prying it off with trim tools with no luck. Maybe I'm not pulling hard enough but I don't want to break it. Also, does anyone know the color codes for the speaker wiring? I'm trying to upgrade some stuff and add a powered sub. Not sure if the 2017 models are the same. Local dealer was no help.


Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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Hi I'm also trying to remove the radio

I changed the front speakers already here's a pic of the wire colors


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Posted (edited)

You probably did it already but for others who tries it:

Pray it with plastic tool from the buttom, to remove the BLACK part. Dont try to remove the gray one as it bolted with two screws.

After removing the black part, unscrew the 2 that holds the gray one, and pull it out.

Now remove the 4 screws holds the headunit.

These are the wires colors for speakers:



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