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Hello everyone my name is metal I own a 2014 Chevy spark Ls I want to replace my front and back speakers yet me and my speaker guy can't seem to figure out how to get my front speakers out of my car I posted a picture on here of what they look like there long we have never seen speakers like this?Any help would be appreciated I'm just so confused and I want to replace them cause they sound horrible!


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Hi metal,


There is a thread for this. Unfortunately, person have posted pics from FB so those are not available.

This is thread:



Although, the front speaker removal is easy.

1. You need to pry open the grill.

2. There are 2 or 3 screw you need to take out to remove spaker.


The speaker you have shown is premium one, available with chevy audio system I guess. Mine is LS too and were after market fitted.


If you're not in hurry, I will try to open grill and take snaps for you in 1-2 days.


P.S. go through this video on YouTube.

At 2:20 you can see how its done.

Credits to the video creator. :2thumbs:

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Remove the grill with a plastic pry tool and remove the screws. The speakers are mounted in plastic cans. Some aftermarket will fit in the cans and some not. My Pioneer's fit in the cans. Also, find another speaker guy. 

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