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Ok I have 2014 spark with around 160k miles. I have a issue I need help with.  Start up cold drives like a new one no issues. After reaching operating temperature it goes down hill. At this time if I get it driving does good but after stopping it won't take fuel back. I can floor it and nothing forever. First thought was throttle or accelerator sensor.  Hooked up scan tool and did a sweep on the sensors and they work fine. Revs fine in neutral as well.  Also no engine codes.  Got a p0700 one time but it was after it messed up a bunch and was it had been revved and dropped in gear to get out of road.  Think that code is irrelevant because it's a vague transmission code. Any help would be great!

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Is the fuel pump sending fuel to the injectors when it won't respond to gas pedal? I once drove a 1971 Chevy Nova with V-8, and it had those bronze fuel filters which would clog up easily. So I cut the fuel line to the carburetor and installed a large see through in-line fuel filter. That was very helpful when the car mis-behaved, like when my fuel pump died.


Another situation was with my Olds Alero. It had a bad key sensor, and would occasionally cut out fuel after stopping. It was the anti-theft feature doing me in-convenience! The engine would crank but would not start due to no fuel.

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