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My sister bought a 2015 Spark.   It was only a few months old when the car stranded her in the middle of a busy

intersection in Texarkana Arkansas.  The dealership was taking so long to get it in the shop that she decided

to trade it for a 2014 Spark.  My sister drove the car for about 6 months and within that time it had 3 recalls.

My sister passed away,  so I have assumed the vehicle.  I had been driving it for about 2 months when on my

way from a neighboring town the car took a nose dive.  I was traveling about 60 mph with a semi on my rear

the car went from 60 to 30mph with no warning.  Then it began jerking,  it wouldn't go over 30 mph so I limped it

home,  then had it hauled to the shop.  A month later I got it back.    

Then 2 days after getting it back,  I pulled out of my driveway,  at around 4:30 am, it was still dark, and bam all of the internal

and external lights went out.  So back to the shop we go.  So,  a month later I get it back,   was taking my dad to

a DR. appt.  and again  it starts jerking and lugging and wouldn't go over 30 mph.

Has anyone else had  problems with their Sparks like the ones I have had?

Now keep in mind  my sister had the same problem with the 2015 Spark.

As many times as I have had this stupid Spark at the dealership you would think THEY

would have come to some conclusion and would have fixed the problem by now.

You know, BEFORE I get killed driving it.

Thank God I still have my Mustang...........right!


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Sounds to me the issue is where you are having it repaired at. I have had zero issues with my 2014 doing that. I would find another dealership. 

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