Inside-Door Panel Pictures?

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Curious, for anyone who has popped their door panels off, what the insides look like. I'm taking some modification ideas into account, and I'm just curious if someone happens to have one on hand, from work they've done, if they took a picture.  I know how they come off, as I've found pictures from ebay auctions showing what these panels look like front and back. I'm just trying to figure out if there's much space behind them,  if if the plastic panel is pretty much butted up against the metal inside the door.  Considering the idea of door-speaker additions. I learned I have the option to buy virgin-new OEM door panels if I wish, to modify, so i have the stock ones unmodified ( Tho honestly i plan to run the car until it doesnt run anymore so I really dont care in that sense, but I still plan on it ). But before I get any crazy ideas of going the fabrication rout of fiberglass+molding+vinyl wrapping my own custom door pods, as I have access to tooling & cutting lasers, I figured IF.. i so happen to be lucky, and theres some decent gap space behind the plastic trimming, that would make for a much easier ( and more creative options ) design, for door speakers.  I'm not really asking anyone to just go out and pop a door panel off for this, I just figured someone has gotta have pictures they took, when they did work inside the door. Google is not resulting in anything, besides the back-side of the plastic trim.

Picture pulled from ebay

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Well, these are not pictures, but actual diagrams of the door panels for your 2014 Spark. 

From what I've been able to see, there's really no room at all. 

You also have to be careful, because there's a sensor in the door for the side airbag (refer to #20 on the third picture, you see the sensor location in the door panel on the last picture):

(20) B63LF Side Impact Sensor – Left Front – Located inside the left front door


I hope that it might help a bit. 





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Considering how compact these cars are, i kinda figured there wouldn't be any room for anything inside..and that the plastic is likely less than an inch away from the metal bits.  I figured if i want to have door speakers, ill probably have to do a typical car audio fabrication method of taking a glassfiber mold and making a custom panel that can attach right on top of the existing panel. Because the whole cup-holder area is recessed in, this is possible to do, without putting speakers in the way of the drivers foot/leg.   Its a hassle and requires you to know how to craft..but thats mostly fine with me. I never use those slots or cupholders personally...and much rather have sound space over never-used space

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