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I've got a chevy spark 2013 a/t, it was only 3k mileage when the problem occured. Whenever i manuever either left or right, engine check lights up and suddenly engine shuts off. I can hear a knocking sound whenever i do turn from left or right. GM said that there is carbon deposit so they instructed me to mix some fuel system cleaner every 2k kilometers. Quite costly for the maintenance. Why is it that it is producing carbon deposits? Need ur help pls

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Even if it is 'carbon deposits'..which I highly doubt..this would not shut the engine off. Check with the dealer if the PCV recall was done. Could also be bad fuel or too low an Octane rating...If the Octane is way too low, that could produce your described symptoms. I am unfamiliar with Saudi gas standards but I do know that most gas in the middle east that is refined for local domestic use contains way more sulfur than we see elsewhere. Try the fuel system cleaner suggested and also try a few tanks of the 95 octane (only 91 or 95 is available in Riyadh) you can get there from a big brand gas station, not some independent gas station.

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