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First, Best and Worst Car?

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First Car:     1981 Ford Escort L (it was light blue)

Best Car:    1975 Datsun 280Z (Red Wine Metallic with snow flake wheels)

Worst Car:  1987 Mazda RX-7 (13B-RESI engine, I think it single handedly caused oil prices to go up, top of the gas and fill the oil)

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first car, best car and worst car?  HArd to choose. I have owned a lot of cars/trucks/bikes since 1968.


First:  1953 International Harvester 1/2 ton pickup truck. I bought it in 1968 for a whopping $50.


Best:  1964 Triumph TR4 with the 'Surrey Top Option'.  A really fun car with a true targa roof). 


Worst:  1971 Chevy LUV truck. This was an Isuzu mini-truck with Chevrolet badges, painted baby-crap-green. BLECH!     



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