led cupplates doesn't fit

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Hi Sparkers,

It's been a while i've been here XD

i have put many spark items on this page and made some discount deals with some sellers.

But one of the sellers is now a bit of pain in tha ass.

I ordered led cup plates:


but i recieved different shapes than like the item picture.


this item does not fit. i notice it to late. the item picture (as you can see in the link ebay) is different than the item i recieved. now the seller is telling me i had to check if it fits before i ordered it. WTF? i quess that when someone is selling something, they put the right item pictures with it! anyways i am still in contact with the seller, but he keeps telling me it's my mistake and that if i want an refund i need to send it back at my costs. but when i do that, the refund would be about the same amount of money that i am paiying for shipping, so than i have nothing but still paid for it. the round ones fits, so i proposed that i get a refund for only the two big ones without sending it back. to be continued.....frown-emoticoI aam n

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I get an refund for 20USD, wich is fair because i had an discount, and half of the item is usable :)

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