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Found 3 results

  1. And just when me and the Tomato had come to an understanding and where willing to live together Just dropped off the Spark (I.E. The Tomato) at the dealer today, they suspect bad wheel bearings. The dealer still does not know if its a front hub or rear wheel bearing. I just clocked 7000 miles on my 2013 Spark LS Manual, for wheel bearings to go bad this early is beyond absurd! I just got my first oil change and tire rotation at 6500 miles, after that, I kept my ears sharp for excessive wheel noise, just in case plausible bad alignment had caused abnormal wear on the front tires, which has been an issue on some 13's. I noticed an increasing hum that would start at around 40mph and would increment as vehicle speed increased. This hum would occur regardless of road surface type, asphalt or concrete. The hum is low in volume, and can be hidden by the usual tire noise and engine noises. The service advisor was perplexed that such a thing could happen this early in the car's life, and remarked this was the first Spark they had with this problem at Ron Craft Chevrolet. My advice to all who read this, listen for wheel bearing defects in earnest. Below are the things to listen for: 1. Increasing humming sound when accelerating to highway speeds regardless of road surface type 2. Decreasing humming when exiting a highway. 3. Humming that does not go away when changing gears or coasting. 4. Humming that is noticeable under a determinate speed range, for my car it was between 40 and 60mph. These cars are pre-equipped with cheap, noisy, Goodyear tires, but a bearing noise will be different from tire and wind noise. Tire noise will fluctuate depending on road surface quality, wheel bearing noise will not. A wheel bearing or hub bearing in good condition will make absolutely no noise or humming. If you have this situation in your Spark, do not hesitate and get it checked out at the dealer. Bad wheel and hub bearings are very dangerous, in the least, they will cause extra noise in an already noisy car, worst case scenario they can seize a wheel or even make a wheel snap off the hub. If you do have this situation and go get the car tested, try to make your test run on an asphalt road, preferably a freshly paved one, as it is a quieter surface for the tires and will make bearing noise really stand out.
  2. I drive a 2013 Spark and I wanted to make my wheels a bit more customized. I ended up deciding to add vinyl instead of changing the rims out. I will try to keep this post updated as I continue this project. I don't mean to be a tease, but I will not be posting the final design until I am finished and satisfied. So far, I'm close to finishing the first Vinyl Prototype. Here has been my progress so far: Step 1, I took some paper, put it against my wheel and tried carving the paper to get a basic idea of what the design will look like with very general sizes and very general shapes. I edited some images on Adobe Photoshop to what I had believed the project would look like when I had finished. Step 2, this step was mostly just on Adobe Illustrator, trying to get a finer shape and size down. It was summed up into Design, Print, Cut, Spray Glue, Edit, Repeat. I now had a new idea on the final project. It consisted of 5-6 pieces (this part is still to be determined.) Step 3, with my currently finalized prototype, I printed it out on cardstock and started drafting on actual vinyl pieces. I'm in the process of cutting them out to see how they fit before I make final vinyl cuts. More updates to come. (Side note, if anyone can tell me how to scale these image sizes down a bit for better reading, that'd be nice.) Edit: February 17th, 2016: I've applied the test vinyls. One wheel is the control, I did nothing to it. Wheel 2 is Spray glued-over. Wheel 3 saw 5 minutes of a hair dryer. Wheel 4 got spray glued, then 5 minutes of a hair dryer. I'll keep it on for a week and see which one stands up the best. I will not be going through with my original idea of putting vinyl on my car. I have been suggested to use Plasti-Dip. I guess this information can be for whomever really wants to use vinyl on their wheels or someone who needs to put vinyl on steel. Either way, the test will proceed and I will post results.
  3. matte finish

    From the album Skittle

    Day 5 After much youtubing, plastidipped the rims