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Found 3 results

  1. My 2013 Spark just broke 100k miles and for the second time I'm going to have to replace the coolant overflow reservoir for the second time because of a leak. I've been reading on the forums and this seems to be a pretty common issue people are experiencing. The first time I had it replaced was within the first 50k miles and it was not covered under my warranty. Shouldn't this be a recall of some sort? Or are we just expected to replace this park every 50k miles or so? Sure...the cost isn't major, but if it went unnoticed it could cause some serious engine damage.
  2. I have a 2013 chevy spark it's still under warranty so I cannot change the alternator I gotta keep it otherwise I would be getting a high output alternator but I cannot get it cuz it would void the warranty I was gonna get a optima deep cycle 34r battery I got a kicker 400watt amplifier and one alpine type r in a ported box if I got that deep cycle battery would it be fine and would my car be able to handle it? Or would it fry my battery or alternator or possibly both of them?
  3. I have owned (and quite enjoyed) my 2013 Spark (1LT auto) for the last year and a half. Since driving it off the lot, I'd had no major problems whatsoever. Granted, I don't do as much driving as most here - it currently sits at 18179 lifetime miles - but now, that number's not going any higher. On the 10th of this month, I was involved in a three-car collision on a twisty road (around a relatively blind curve). I should mention this is a road I've driven countless times for many years. I know the roads around here very, very well, and of course I was going the speed limit as that's plenty fast for a curvy back road! As I went to go round a corner, the car gave up completely. The steering kind of "locked up" and the engine revved much more than it should have. Instead of going round the corner, it kind of went straight on, clipping an oncoming sedan. My reaction was to swerve more to the right and thus get off the road, but instead of a hard shoulder there was an embankment, and with no real control over steering or throttle I bounced off that and sideswiped an oncoming SUV. That sent me more or less off the road to the right, albeit still blocking half the lane. I couldn't move it. The radio was still working (I turned it off, suddenly not in the mood for whatever the heck I was listening to) but the hazards wouldn't go on. I put it in park (griiiiinnndd) and turned the car off. At this point I was pretty shaken up. Please note I have a severe anxiety disorder AND have never been involved in an accident. Anybody who's ever lost control of a car at speed will probably understand why I was kind of freaking out at this point. The police (who arrived oddly quickly) were very understanding, which surprised me. Everyone in all three cars was unharmed. No airbags deployed anywhere, including all 10 in my Spark. I somehow gave the Volvo SUV a flat tire, so it got towed away with mine. I'm not sure how they moved my car, though, since every gear was neutral. The officer pushed it back onto a driveway, or tried anyway, which is why I'd put it in neutral. It kept rolling in park, so I put on the handbrake. There wasn't much external damage. Front left quarter panel and front bumper looked banged up, and for some reason the rear bumper had come detached. Doors were fine. Left headlamp and taillight assemblies were smashed, as was my left mirror. As I found out today, it's totaled. The front suspension and transaxle are what did it in. As I suspected, body damage would have been repairable easily. According to the head mechanic (at a place we know and trust), the hidden damage was all too much. He sent me a 10-page estimate that came out to over $9000. I'm going to be talking with insurance later today, but figured I'd post here first. See, the car is still under warranty and I have GM's protection plan to boot. As far as I'm concerned, this was a complete mechanical failure that caused me to lose control and crash. Nobody - police, insurance, whomever - is officially saying it's the collision that broke the suspension and transmission. This is all new to me. How do I pursue this under warranty? Have I even got a chance? The car just failed catastrophically at speed, but it's effectively my word against their's (GM's). It would help to hear other stories about failed or problematic steering racks / transaxles / auto transmissions / suspensions with the 2013 (or any) Spark...way too much going through my head right now to know what to say and to whom. GM's warranty is confusing to me. I have my protection plan ID card thingy right here, and of course all the original paperwork from purchasing the car, but...I never expected it to total itself. Sorry for the long message. Thanks for any insight you can provide.