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Found 4 results

  1. My turbo was delivered today. I purchased a used 2016 chevy Cruze turbo online for $120. I plan to put this on my 2014 chevy spark. I'm expecting to run lower psi but it will be high compression and will run on e30 for the additional octane. I know many will say it can't be done but I intend to try while keeping a reasonable budget. I will document my success or failure here.
  2. Hi I'm doing some research about turbocharging the spark and today I took some pictures of the 1.4 turbo ecotec in the 2017 cruze. I think it might just bolt on our engines next would be engine management I guess, I'm not an expert
  3. Hi everyone! I am currently an owner of a heavily modified 2012 Chevy Sonic 1.4T. I daily drive it and I must say I've reached the point where I would be uncomfortable to do any more to it for reasons of reliability. In the past I had never really paid much attention to the Chevy Spark, but recently the 2016+ remodel came to my attention and I must say that it is a DRASTIC improvement. I'm looking for a vehicle that I can toy around with as I have a daily already. So.. I have done a bit of research on the vehicle and read a bit about GMs family 0 engines. I became really intrigued when it was implied that i4s seem to share the same amount of liters, compression, CCs, and maybe even engine block? The factory Spark engine is obviously not much of a power house, but the 2016+ Chevy Cruze sports the new direct injected turbo i4 and is part of family 0. I took a glance through the forum but didn't see anyone bring up this subject. Of course engine swaps are a costly venture and not for everyone, but I don't mind spending a little money if it may be possible that the Cruze LE2 engine has a possibility of being swapped somewhat easily (for a swap anyway) into the Chevy Spark. If in fact these engines share the same block, it wouldn't be a stretch to say they share the same mounting points. That would be the first step of the puzzle if true. Thoughts anyone? I will say this possibility is a major factor in me potentially purchasing a Spark.
  4. Hi forum! I'm a first timer here! I'm currently looking into second hand chevy sparks as I'm working overseas. I'm stuck between two choices: Choice 1) 2010, 47,000 km, automatic, turquoise-ish color, LED front and tail lights, lowered springs, aftermarket performance black rims (195/45/15) with good treading, black box (2 cameras one in the front and one in the back window), GPS navigation with rear parking assist, and here's the kicker, it's turbocharged. $9200 all in (includes registration, ownership transfer, taxes) Choice 2) 2011, 27,000 km, automatic, dark ametallic copper color, 2 dual pipe exhaust (cat-back), black wheels, no black box so no dash cams or rear window cams....i'll have to buy and get it installed, no other mods done to it. $9500 all in (includes registration, ownership transfer, taxes). I've test driven both and they were both smooth and problem-free. Obviously, the 1st one had a little more oomph to it and the sweet sound of the turbo whistling when changing gears (automatic transmission, so i just let off the pedal and it makes that noise). The 2nd one though is new as heck. Only 27k mileage, and everything about it inside and out is clean and practically new. It had a nice sound also due to the 2 sets of dual exhaust pipe/cat-back and the black wheels give it a nice little unique stylish touch to it without being too much like a "tuned" looking car. It's not lowered, has no body kits, and has no LED lights changed to it. Just the exhaust system and black wheels. Everything else is stock, but NEW as heck. My safer side tells me go with the copper one since it's newer and still has a nice look to it with the wheels and sound with the dual pipe exhaust. But my wilder/advernturous side says the turquoise-ish one with turbo. It doesn't have a body kit on it either, but the LED lights front and tail are beautiful, it's got that lowered look on racing wheels, and of course the sound and feel of the turbo boost. Actually, is turbocharged and turbo boost the same thing or are they different? I have a bunch more questions to ask but first I'd like your opinion on what you think I should decide on. If possible, please tell me some pros and cons of both. The turbo one requires premium gas so I have to pay a bit more at the pump, so that's one drawback. I'm also worried about any issues or future problems with the turbo or related issues. If I'm not mistaken, cars that have more tuning done to them will also be more costly to repair/fix right? I figure stock setup is a lot simpler and less complicated for repairs. Correct me if I am wrong. Last but not least here are the pics in the attachements: