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Found 10 results

  1. Putting together a thread for all of those with aftermarket wheels and tires. Please post your wheel and tire info along with a few angles (size, width, offset, tire size, etc...) This should help those of us that are shopping bluer101 TSW Mallory 4 17" x 7" +40 offset 205/40/17
  2. Among some other ongoing issues, had the tires rotated during regular oil change by Chevy dealer and driving home, noticed some noise from front driver's side wheel. Sounded like something rubbing. Took the car back and they said the tires are cupped due to lack of regular tire rotation. Well, owners manual states every 7,500 miles to rotate and I've had three rotations by dealerships in 22,000 miles... that is in alignment with the manual. Had second dealership check them and they said same thing... cupping... tires needing replaced and possible alignment! Has anyone else had problems with uneven wear or cupping on their stock tires? The tread is still good, so hate to swap tires but the noise is now worse and you can feel some bouncing. Never had a new car that needed new tires at such low mileage since I had an old 1989 Ford Bronco II with suspension issues.
  3. Hi all, New Spark owner here in the northeast, looking to get some winter tires on this car asap. I found a set on Craigslist, nice snow tires mounted on 14" steelies that came off a 2012-2015 spark. My question is does anyone know if a 14" rim will fit and clear everything on the new 2016,2017 sparks that come stock with a 15" wheel now.
  4. Hey guys, Just picked up a new whip for the Mrs and I'm looking for some insight on the offset range for these new cars. I'm looking to run 17x7 on the vehicle and just need a recommendation of offset from experience. I would get out the meter stick and run the numbers but I'm fairly busy with college and full time work. Getting a chance to put it up in my garage is almost non-existent. Let me know what you know or show me examples on the new body style. Anything 7" wide and offset specified. Thanks, -Brohnson
  5. Hi all! I have for sale a couple items to make your Spark LIFE-PROOF. That's right, I have the super-awesome, very effective, you-could-make-a-leak-proof-swimming-pool-on-your-floorboards WeatherTech DigiFit floor mats. Black in color, front and back mats available - Don't let a spilt coffee or messy friend ruin your Spark. Get these floormats! $100 for the set (yeah, that's basically 50%-off) Also, have you had a flat tire yet? If you have, do you remember how your heart sunk when you saw that you have NO factory spare, and how the service guy scowled at you when you brought in a goopy, leaky, slime filled tire to be repaired? I bet they made you buy a new TPMS sensor too, huh. Yeah, that sucks - But don't despair! I also have a new, never-used 185/55R15 Hankook Optimo and steel rim! Purchased through Discount Tire, this fully-functional spare tire can be rotated into usual use, or kept neatly in your spare-tire compartment. Throw that goop away, and ride around knowing you have a REAL solution hidden in your trunk! $100 (I don't even want to calculate that discount, it's that big of a steal). Contact me with questions, or to meet-up and make your Spark FUNCTIONALLY AWESOME. Austin-area.
  6. Hey guys, this is my first post and unfortunately it comes after i recently had to part ways with my 2014 spark. I upgraded to a new set of tires a when the spark had about 10-13,000 miles on it. That has since left me with a set of brand new Chevrolet 185/55 15' wheels. If you or anyone you know are interested in these let me know. Like I said their still brand new tires, about 85-90% tread left so definitely a good invest over time for a spark owner. I,ll post pictures and contact info below;
  7. This is my first winter with the Spark and was wondering how well these go in the snow with the standard tires. Also do you recommend snow or winter tree tires? Thanks
  8. I'm wondering what taller tires on the stock rims might do for me and how they would look. Or 17" wheels with standard sized tires for Anyone?
  9. Good afternoon. I was considering two options for my tires. The first option is replacing the air with nitrogen. The second is running balance beads in my tires. I have researched the beads for my past motorcycles and used them. The beads actually gave me an extra 5000 miles on my rear motorcycle. In my research for smaller car tires, I find that the beads will not balance the tire without an initial tire balance. Our tire size is just too small. Once the tires are balanced though, the beads will maintain the balance for the life of the tire. Does anyone have any information on doing this? It will be complicated to do, because the tires will have to be broken down and remounted to place the beads inside the tire. The beads will not fit through the air stem as the TMPS sensors are located there. What do you think?
  10. Hi everybody, So, I was looking at buying some winter tires for the upcoming winter and after looking around I think I might go with this tire: My next question is would I be able to buy all 4 tires and then take them somewhere and switch them out with the stock tires and just use the same rims? I would rather not have to buy new rims if I don't have to. The stock tire size is 185/55R15 and it looks like with this tire the closest size is 185/60R15. I'm not sure though if that is too far off to be able to use the stock rims. Thanks!