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Found 5 results

  1. I own a 2013 Chevrolet spark 1.2L. and have recently decided to install a sub woofer. I have installed every component of it apart from the rem wire as i cannot find where to attach this. I have a stock head unit so have had to tap a line out converter into the rear speaker wires. Due to the stock head unit i therefore don't know where I should install the rem. Any photos of peoples installs or any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a 2013 chevy spark it's still under warranty so I cannot change the alternator I gotta keep it otherwise I would be getting a high output alternator but I cannot get it cuz it would void the warranty I was gonna get a optima deep cycle 34r battery I got a kicker 400watt amplifier and one alpine type r in a ported box if I got that deep cycle battery would it be fine and would my car be able to handle it? Or would it fry my battery or alternator or possibly both of them?
  3. I'm looking at the optima 34r battery from autozone I haven't had them test to see if it fits inside the tray or not it says it fits my spark lt would It fit and would I be able to close the brackets or would it not fit with the brackets able to close in it? Because I need a deep cycle battery for a subwoofer
  4. Long story short, I am prior military, real hard of hearing so the stereo has to be loud. I also own 2 restaurants and have to lay down the rear seats to do runs to pick up ingredients ect. about 4-5 days a week.(yes the back is 100% full) (yes I know I need a truck or van) (working with what i've got) This being said, in or out of the kitchen, music pretty much gets me through the day. As I am sure all of you are aware, the stock system is the worst thing in history. I have done some switches already to the stock speakers, switching to the kickers all around. Night and day difference from what it once was. However, I'm wanting to improve the bass. I have been all over online trying to find a custom sub enclosure that will use as little "trunk" space as possible, to allow me to continue to do what I have to until I find another means of transport. I Looked into building my own in the spare wheel well but I don't want boxes to sit on the speaker. I looked into building a box that fits snug on the right side of the trunk, but it will still go about 9" into the space to allow enough room for the 1728 cubic inches of air space for the speaker. I've also looked into the under the seat full enclosed subs but there is so many options I'm stuck suggestions please. help.
  5. anyone compete at SPL competitions with a spark?