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Found 2 results

  1. I have a 2013 chevy spark it's still under warranty so I cannot change the alternator I gotta keep it otherwise I would be getting a high output alternator but I cannot get it cuz it would void the warranty I was gonna get a optima deep cycle 34r battery I got a kicker 400watt amplifier and one alpine type r in a ported box if I got that deep cycle battery would it be fine and would my car be able to handle it? Or would it fry my battery or alternator or possibly both of them?
  2. Hello all, I am the proud new owner of a brand new 2014 Spark LS in red with a manual transmission. I bought the car for the low purchase price (I paid $11,720 before tax) and I've been pleasantly surprised at how fun it is to drive! That being said, the sound system sucked, bad... It was easily the worst sound system I've heard in a modern car. That all changed when I installed a pair of 4" 2 way Kicker speakers in the front and a pair of 6x9 3 way Kicker speakers in the rear. Everything was $135 total for the speakers. I modified the stock cargo cover and cut holes in it so the 6x9 speakers would mount directly to that. The result? It looks like it belongs there, it doesn't take up your cargo space, and it sound 1000x better than it did! It went from the flat out worst sounding new car today to sounding better than any premium factory option I've heard anywhere. All for $135. I found the 6x9 make more than enough bass for the small cabin. I thought I would end up putting a sub where the spare tire should go (they left a nice space filled with foam, but no spare tire, thank a lot chevy) but the bass is very adequate as is and I won't be adding a sub after all. I would recommend this for anyone looking to upgrade their sound without spending $$$$ and taking up your trunk space on a sub.