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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm having the same problem as some of you have had with the overflow reservoir tank. I've read the forum posts about this and it looks like my case is pretty similar, but I'm also currently having issues with a dealership. Here's the story: About a month ago, I noticed that my car's heater wasn't working. It was my first sign that something was wrong. Here in FL, it may have taken me a while to notice it, it's been a warm winter season. The heater came on later in the drive, so maybe it just had a slow start, I thought. The next day, my car's check engine light came on. Pretty quickly after that, the thermostat light came on, so I had to pull over and turn the car off. A road ranger came by, looked under the hood, and told me the coolant was very low and he thought the hoses were bad. He put some coolant in my car, told me I could drive it a little ways like that to get it looked at. I took it a few miles to work (it wasn't visibly overheating), and took it to a shop during my break. The closest one possible-- all this time, I really tried to minimize driving it, thinking it probably wasn't safe to drive. They did some research (really looked like they were trying to figure out the problem, but they didn't seem to know much about my car); eventually, they told me it needed a new thermostat, which they replaced inexpensively and I was on my way. A week and a half ago, my car suddenly had a really bad start with knocking in the engine, the CEL and stabilitrak light came on. It seemed to be shaking, as well. Stopped driving it and took it to the dealership ASAP this time, because I thought they'd know more about what was wrong. They said the coolant reservoir tank had a huge crack in it, so they replaced that and did some other service to the cylinders (I can't remember exactly what, and I left the transaction receipt in my car, so I'll have to update that later). All in all, it cost me around $500, which I thought was pretty steep, but I also felt like I didn't have much of a choice, seeing as my car wasn't safe to drive as it was. The car started to reek of coolant after that. It smelled like that as soon as I drove it off the lot, but I didn't identify it as coolant at first, because it's never smelled that way before. I thought it might just be because of the service they just did. I left it alone for a couple of days, not really wanting to deal with another problem so soon, but didn't drive it much during that time. I had to take it to work the next day, and once I'd gotten to work I looked under the hood to see what the problem was. (I didn't think I'd be able to identify it, seeing as I don't know much about cars- that's probably obvious, haha.) Well, I was able to easily identify the problem after looking under the hood. They left the reservoir cap off, and it was nowhere in sight. No wonder it smelled like coolant. I called the dealership and they told me to just bring it in the next day (which was today), but that was about it. I was kind of at a loss. It's a pretty huge mistake to leave the cap off, right? They didn't seem to care. I wasn't going to drive the car 30 miles home like that, so I got it to the nearest Autozone (a mile away) and put some coolant in it (and bought a new reservoir cap, of course!!). It looked okay when I started it up, no visible draining, no leaks under the car, the new cap was secure, and the car handled fine. Sadly when I looked under the hood this morning, it AGAIN didn't have much coolant. There was only about 1 cm visible in the bottom of the reservoir tank. I took it to the same dealership, they have my car now and I have a courtesy vehicle. The service manager said it might be another "hairline crack" in the new reservoir, the brand new one they JUST put in, but I really, really doubt that. I've told each person working on it that I think it might be an issue with the hoses, but they don't seem to want to listen. I really feel like I'm being taken advantage of, here, but I don't know what to do. I'm young and this is my first car. I'm scared that the dealership is going to call me back and try to rope me into another huge payment. I'm only going to the dealership because I know they are supposed to have more knowledge of my make and model of car, but I just feel like it's been a huge mistake. I've done my research into what's covered by the powertrain warranty, etc. and I know the coolant reservoir and coolant aren't covered. I'm trying to be smart about this, but I honestly just feel lost. Has anyone had a problem like this with a dealership? What can I do at this point? It seems like these coolant issues can be caused by a lot of different factors, so what would be a tip off in the direction of a leaking hose versus something like a busted head gasket? Sorry this was so long, I figured as much information as possible would help.
  2. My 2013 Spark just broke 100k miles and for the second time I'm going to have to replace the coolant overflow reservoir for the second time because of a leak. I've been reading on the forums and this seems to be a pretty common issue people are experiencing. The first time I had it replaced was within the first 50k miles and it was not covered under my warranty. Shouldn't this be a recall of some sort? Or are we just expected to replace this park every 50k miles or so? Sure...the cost isn't major, but if it went unnoticed it could cause some serious engine damage.
  3. I miss the built in coolant temperature display available in my previous car, a Pontiac G5. The engine coolant temperature tells you a lot if engine is running normally. It tell you if the cooling system is performing normal, if you need new coolant or flush. It is like your body temperature. If it is above normal, you have a fever and something is wrong. If it is much below normal, you are suffering hypothermia. Now that I have a OBDII scanner and the Torq software on my smart phone, I can monitor temperature in the Spark. I am new owner, so do not yet know what the normal cruising coolant temp should be. My reading is usually 92 C. I do not know if that is high or low or normal, because the car is new. My previous car, Pontiac G5 had built in access to temperature on the display screen. I knew immediately if coolant level was low or when is stuck in bad traffic, I should turn the heater on to cool the engine down a little. Over 9+ years of driving the G5 I knew exactly what the temp should be based on up slope or cruising. The temp was always close to 189 F = 87.2 C when cruising. Stuck in traffic it jacked up as high as 220 F.
  4. Anyone try lowering engine/coolant temps using additives like Lucas super coolant or Royal Purple's purple ice?