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Found 22 results

  1. Before shot with stock 15x6" alloys and 185/55R15 tires. Standing by for new gloss black 16x7 RT-7M in 205/45R16. Now to find some lowering springs...
  2. Post up yours, let see those CHEVY keychains.
  3. Hello Finally here. Glad to be part of the community. Will probably ask a few questions and read a lot. Hello everyone again
  4. chispa

    From the album Chispa

    Behold, the chevy spark 2013 is here.
  5. Heyyyyy!! Looking at the above two, what can you tell me regarding maintenance and these prices at those mileages? I don't know the trim spec for the 2013. I just know they're both automatics. I know how to fix a car, just looking to get something that will require little attention and that's automatic for the gf. Looks like the pre 100k maintenance schedule is pretty basic. Biggest job appears to be spark plugs, lol. These things have timing chains? Thanks!
  6. So, I got this amazing set of 4 actuators, a receiver, and two clickers off amazon for about 25$. Theyre really great and highly reccomended, but they are too big to fit into the back doors. (Find them here they dont really come with instructions and the mute and ringer buttons (as they display themselves as) either do nothing or the wrong command (which isnt too surprising, I only have it connected to power). But I got the lock and unlock buttons working right. Does anyone know of any actuators that will fit in the back?. Also any advice on how to hook this up to my lights and horn? There is are two wires left over from the install, not sure what they do. I'm a novice so assume I know very little.
  7. I drive a 2013 Spark and I wanted to make my wheels a bit more customized. I ended up deciding to add vinyl instead of changing the rims out. I will try to keep this post updated as I continue this project. I don't mean to be a tease, but I will not be posting the final design until I am finished and satisfied. So far, I'm close to finishing the first Vinyl Prototype. Here has been my progress so far: Step 1, I took some paper, put it against my wheel and tried carving the paper to get a basic idea of what the design will look like with very general sizes and very general shapes. I edited some images on Adobe Photoshop to what I had believed the project would look like when I had finished. Step 2, this step was mostly just on Adobe Illustrator, trying to get a finer shape and size down. It was summed up into Design, Print, Cut, Spray Glue, Edit, Repeat. I now had a new idea on the final project. It consisted of 5-6 pieces (this part is still to be determined.) Step 3, with my currently finalized prototype, I printed it out on cardstock and started drafting on actual vinyl pieces. I'm in the process of cutting them out to see how they fit before I make final vinyl cuts. More updates to come. (Side note, if anyone can tell me how to scale these image sizes down a bit for better reading, that'd be nice.) Edit: February 17th, 2016: I've applied the test vinyls. One wheel is the control, I did nothing to it. Wheel 2 is Spray glued-over. Wheel 3 saw 5 minutes of a hair dryer. Wheel 4 got spray glued, then 5 minutes of a hair dryer. I'll keep it on for a week and see which one stands up the best. I will not be going through with my original idea of putting vinyl on my car. I have been suggested to use Plasti-Dip. I guess this information can be for whomever really wants to use vinyl on their wheels or someone who needs to put vinyl on steel. Either way, the test will proceed and I will post results.
  8. I have a 2013 Chevy Spark LS and the average miles per gallon numbers on the digital screen are not changing. Does anyone have ay suggestions to fix this?
  9. I bought a interior light kit thinking I'd be able to install this by myself. I, unfortunately, am very untrained in working on cars. (Expect I know next to nothing). I have a volt meter (I'm not sure the actual name). I would like to know a dummy's guide on how to find the wires I need and/or what fuse to use. I have a Chevy Spark LS and I need a 12v source for my lights. I've been looking at a lot of references and I haven't been able to find out where the wires are and what I should do to them. I don't want to blindly strip wires or whatever (which is what I am understanding needs to happen?) Any and all help is greatly appreciated, pictures help a lot. Thanks in advance!
  10. New record!

    From the album And we call her Baby Bacon

    2013 Chevy Spark LT1
  11. Only 145 miles on her

    From the album And we call her Baby Bacon

    2013 Chevy Spark LT1
  12. Love my touch screen

    From the album And we call her Baby Bacon

    2013 Chevy Spark LT1
  13. From the album And we call her Baby Bacon

    2013 Chevy Spark LT1
  14. The day I brought her home :)

    From the album And we call her Baby Bacon

    2013 Chevy Spark LT1
  15. Spark Detail

    From the album Carbon Interior

    A detail of the carbon fiber pattern. It's silver ink on white base so its subtle, but at the right angle it really pops.
  16. Spark Panorama

    From the album Carbon Interior

    Sorry for the quality, but I changed from Silver to White Carbon Fiber It looks amazing in person. I will try to get better pics later.
  17. From the album Yoshi

    not meant for snowboards, in need of roof racks, LOL
  18. Yoshi in the Rockies

    From the album Yoshi

  19. Mountain spark

    From the album Yoshi

  20. Hello, good morning all. I am Rahul from India. uite surprising, isn't it. I browsed all the way to the Chevy spark community to get updated details and discuss with professionals who use the ride. I myself own a Chevrolet Beat ( Here in India, the Spark is the Beat, and a trimmed down version is called Spark.) I am very excited to be here in this forum and to learn a lot about my car. Thanking you all.
  21. Computer problem

    From the album Spark

    The car hasn't had a system/computer update since we got it around seven months ago as we haven't had time to take it in yet(making time now). From what I know, this is a result of plugging my phone in to the USB port. After I hit ok it went back to radio, sound wise everything was fine, but the whole computer reacted slowly the rest of the way home. Anyone else had their Spark do something similar to this?