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Found 58 results

  1. Before shot with stock 15x6" alloys and 185/55R15 tires. Standing by for new gloss black 16x7 RT-7M in 205/45R16. Now to find some lowering springs...
  2. This car is a blast! I'm new to the forum. So far, added ground effects and custom wheels and tires. Next, tinted windows and an 1 1/4" drop all around
  3. I have a 2013 Chevy Spark and it's been stalling frequently and I don't know what to do anymore. * The check engine light doesn't turn on. It has stalled multiple times. Car will turn off when car is not moving while stuck in traffic, when coming to a stop and I press on the gas, a couple times when turning. Mechanics have checked it out, but apparently they can't find anything wrong with it. Has anyone else encountered this? If so, was it resolved? Thanks!
  4. Hello all, My name is Jeff and I recently bought a 2017 Spark slightly used with 20k miles on. I have a day job working on some pretty cool cars and also a side project I call Lab B. With Lab B I am working on developing some performance goodies for the new spark platform. I will try to post on the forum here when I have time and come out with something new. But you can also follow along on Facebook and on my website. I also plan to drop some informative Youtube videos as things progress. Thanks !!
  5. My 2017 Spark LS, purchased new, is now almost 1 year old. So far it runs like a well oiled clock. No serious problem except a slightly squeaky RF door. But finally another problem has showed up, I think. Previously when I turned the key on driver's side door, I used to hear a distinct sound of a relay operation. Now that sound is not being heard. That tells me I can no longer unlock driver's side door with remote operation using Onstar. This will need a visit to the dealer? But the trunk still has that relay sound.
  6. Hi? I am a person with a Korea. I am curious about the Mylink connector for nextspark 2016 Can you help me? It is a photograph of a connector.
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those who post and lurk here! Drive safe (you are driving a small car ) and stay Healthy! Thank you Chevysparkforum for hosting this forum!!
  8. My 2013 Spark just broke 100k miles and for the second time I'm going to have to replace the coolant overflow reservoir for the second time because of a leak. I've been reading on the forums and this seems to be a pretty common issue people are experiencing. The first time I had it replaced was within the first 50k miles and it was not covered under my warranty. Shouldn't this be a recall of some sort? Or are we just expected to replace this park every 50k miles or so? Sure...the cost isn't major, but if it went unnoticed it could cause some serious engine damage.
  9. Parking in the Florida sun, car interior gets hot. Bought window tinting film panels from this source on eBay...for $26.97 delivered free. All panel are precut to fit your Spark windows exactly. If you order, be sure to specify your exact model and year. The material was good quality. The trick is to prepare your own solution correctly. Too little shampoo, and the panels are hard to slide around in exact position. Too much shampoo in the mix will make a weaker bond and too many visible bubbles to remove. The panels are cut to fit entire glass in the window. And lot of that glass is inside the rubber molding and does not need to be tinted. I found the job was easier by trimming 1/4" across the bottom of each panel. That way there is less to shove inside the rubber molding. The vendor has various shades of tint you can specify. I ordered a bit darker for the 2 rear windows. You will need help of another person initially to hold the panel up while spraying lubricating liquid which is 3% shampoo & 97% clean water. The panels are easy to slide around on the glass when wet. After that only thing to do is remove all excess water & bubbles between glass & film panel. I used a small plastic flat squeegee with about 2.5" flat business end. That does require patience. I spent about 30 minutes on each window removing bubbles. While I was doing the job in our gated community parking lot, many passerby neighbors admired how good the tinting looked.
  10. Following the Chilton transmission removal instructions we drained the lubricant out of the manual transmission before pulling it. I found the correct manual transmission lube for GM manual transmissions, but what is the capacity of the 2014 spark manual transmission? It appears we did not actually need to do that, but we just blindly followed the book and since I have this out already, I don't want to put the original fluid back.
  11. Hello everyone, I plasti dip my chevy badges yesterday and I want to plasti dip the badge on the steering wheel. I looked at the steering wheel and I couldn't find the usual two screws at the bottom of the steering wheel that most cars have. Does anyone know how to remove the airbag ? Thanks.
  12. I got rear ended by an f150 today, nobody hurt. Wondering what you guys think the prospect of this being repairable? Here's the details; - back door crunched and won't open - rear bumper crunched - back lights broken - panel where the gas cap is damaged a bit (bent and paint chipped) - trunk pushed in a bit - rear door seal not sealing because door is mangled and frame seems out of whack That's about it. What do you think, fixable? What's a 2013 spark with 40k worth anyways? cheers!
  13. And just when me and the Tomato had come to an understanding and where willing to live together Just dropped off the Spark (I.E. The Tomato) at the dealer today, they suspect bad wheel bearings. The dealer still does not know if its a front hub or rear wheel bearing. I just clocked 7000 miles on my 2013 Spark LS Manual, for wheel bearings to go bad this early is beyond absurd! I just got my first oil change and tire rotation at 6500 miles, after that, I kept my ears sharp for excessive wheel noise, just in case plausible bad alignment had caused abnormal wear on the front tires, which has been an issue on some 13's. I noticed an increasing hum that would start at around 40mph and would increment as vehicle speed increased. This hum would occur regardless of road surface type, asphalt or concrete. The hum is low in volume, and can be hidden by the usual tire noise and engine noises. The service advisor was perplexed that such a thing could happen this early in the car's life, and remarked this was the first Spark they had with this problem at Ron Craft Chevrolet. My advice to all who read this, listen for wheel bearing defects in earnest. Below are the things to listen for: 1. Increasing humming sound when accelerating to highway speeds regardless of road surface type 2. Decreasing humming when exiting a highway. 3. Humming that does not go away when changing gears or coasting. 4. Humming that is noticeable under a determinate speed range, for my car it was between 40 and 60mph. These cars are pre-equipped with cheap, noisy, Goodyear tires, but a bearing noise will be different from tire and wind noise. Tire noise will fluctuate depending on road surface quality, wheel bearing noise will not. A wheel bearing or hub bearing in good condition will make absolutely no noise or humming. If you have this situation in your Spark, do not hesitate and get it checked out at the dealer. Bad wheel and hub bearings are very dangerous, in the least, they will cause extra noise in an already noisy car, worst case scenario they can seize a wheel or even make a wheel snap off the hub. If you do have this situation and go get the car tested, try to make your test run on an asphalt road, preferably a freshly paved one, as it is a quieter surface for the tires and will make bearing noise really stand out.
  14. The bar chart below shows complaints about Spark by year. Looks like 2013 had the most problems.
  15. I have a used '14 LT and recently took a look at the rear suspension. Currently I only have coil springs installed. Wondering if that is supposed to be that way. Are the rear struts an OEM addition to the 2LT or should I be taking it back to the Chevy dealer that sold me the car and try to get this fixed under some warranty issue (I still have about 6K miles left on the warranty and even though I bought it used would it be worth the try). Anyone out there already have rear shocks already installed or is this an anomaly exclusive to my car? Suggestions anyone?
  16. so hello evrybody there im hamza from algeria (north africa) and iv got my license few months ago and got to have the spark of the familly its 2011 spark ls 1.2 gas 84hp (gen 3) it have 86000 km on it which 2000km are mine it severed me well before i got my license and its bbeen reliable regarding some minor problems and im a petrolhead checkout my page
  17. Hi all, New Spark owner here in the northeast, looking to get some winter tires on this car asap. I found a set on Craigslist, nice snow tires mounted on 14" steelies that came off a 2012-2015 spark. My question is does anyone know if a 14" rim will fit and clear everything on the new 2016,2017 sparks that come stock with a 15" wheel now.
  18. Well, it's goodbye for my Spark. I liked it while I had it, and I drove it proudly for 48000 miles. I traded it for a Chevy Volt. I've always liked small cars, but II also like tech type stuff and I've been eyeing a Volt for awhile and finally pulled the trigger. I'll miss my Spark, and the forum....
  19. Hey Everyone! I am planning to install a Infinity BassLink in my 2015 Chevy Spark LT. I have a cheap Soundstream headunit with RCA outs for the sub. I understand I will need to run a power, ground, remote, remote turn on and RCA cables. The actual setup is not to confusing to me. My problem is-- I have never done anything other than a headunit/speaker install in a car. I am guessing the wires will run through/under the trim and carpets but I am not sure how to actually do this. I'll be running from the driver side of the trunk to the stereo in the dash. Does anyone have any tips or pictures from their install? I have looked through but the image just shows the wiring ran under what appears to be the carpet under the back seat. How would I get the wire to the front of the car and through the dash to the back of the receiver?
  20. chispa

    From the album Chispa

    Behold, the chevy spark 2013 is here.
  21. Heyyyyy!! Looking at the above two, what can you tell me regarding maintenance and these prices at those mileages? I don't know the trim spec for the 2013. I just know they're both automatics. I know how to fix a car, just looking to get something that will require little attention and that's automatic for the gf. Looks like the pre 100k maintenance schedule is pretty basic. Biggest job appears to be spark plugs, lol. These things have timing chains? Thanks!
  22. So, I got this amazing set of 4 actuators, a receiver, and two clickers off amazon for about 25$. Theyre really great and highly reccomended, but they are too big to fit into the back doors. (Find them here they dont really come with instructions and the mute and ringer buttons (as they display themselves as) either do nothing or the wrong command (which isnt too surprising, I only have it connected to power). But I got the lock and unlock buttons working right. Does anyone know of any actuators that will fit in the back?. Also any advice on how to hook this up to my lights and horn? There is are two wires left over from the install, not sure what they do. I'm a novice so assume I know very little.
  23. Just got a new Spark, pretty fast and good. I've race it against a tuned Ford Ka and a Fiesta ST. The car wasn't so slow against them. I want to know any mod that any of you have done to the new spark. Any suggestions?