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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there!!! Just bought me a 2016 Spark LT with 25kmiles, it's in very good condition and I'm planning on using it to commute to work and travel to visit my family or just vacation somewhere. I have a Wrangler Rubicon and that beast like to eat gas like a mofo! Anyway, I have a question regarding the rear liftgate/tail gate. When it is open and you want to close it, I notice there is this "hole" where you are supposed to stick your hand in and just pull the gate but mine doesn't have a trim or a rubber piece; it's just a plain cut out hole maybe 2"x5" (radius corners, not sharp, but it is just "bare"). Am I missing a trim, panel, cover???? Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum and have recently gotten myself a 2014 LT1 and was wanting to change some parts on it to make it a little bit more aggressive in the looks department. I have found a few of the parts that I am wanting to swap in my year but one of the parts I want is for a newer model. The question I have is will the lower facia off of a 2016 Sparks rear bumper fit my 2014? For those who dont know what part I am referring to it is the piece that goes in the cutout on the bottom of the rear bumper (usually a black plastic). Mine is smooth the entire way down the piece and I found one for the 2016 that is diffused and would love to put it on, but I dont know if it would fit and dont want to spend 300 bucks after shipping if it won't work. If anyone has swapped parts from different years like that I would like to hear what did and didn't work for you. Also if anyone has any tips on where to find information on building the engine with a CVT for track use that would be also appreciated.
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post :P I bought a Spark 2016 2LT a couple of months ago, and I wanted to check if what happens after a hard braking is normal for a CVT. It happens sometimes, but not always. I've found a similar case to mine on a Nissan Forum. So, when I do a hard braking on my Spark (emergency stop, or because of a sudden stop in traffic), and that I come to a complete stop, if I press the accelerator immediately after, I have almost no power and the car feels sluggish. Then after a couple of seconds (sometimes less, sometimes more) it will accelerate. Sometimes after a hard braking, it will accelerate but very slowly. Sometimes not at all. I was wondering if that was normal with a CVT. My guess is that after a hard braking, the engine uses compression to help stop the car, and the CVT stays in "high gear". When I press the accelerator immediately after, the car computer hasn't had the time to adjust the CVT ratio and that is why there is a delay in the acceleration. However, that can sometimes be dangerous: for example if I need to accelerate quickly after stopping, and am unable to do so. On a similar note, I've found that when coasting, if I'm at 40 km/h (25 mph) or lower the car seems to brake on its own as though it was automatically using engine braking. Has anyone had something like that happen with their Spark? Is it a feature of the car? Thanks a lot for your answer!
  4. Hi? I am a person with a Korea. I am curious about the Mylink connector for nextspark 2016 Can you help me? It is a photograph of a connector.
  5. Hello Fellow Spark Owners! I just found out today that a recall was in effect by the NHTSA for the 2016-2017 chevrolet spark regarding the front passenger airbag deployment (Canada and US only). Source: The files attached to this post are taken from the above-mentioned website. NHTSA_Safety_Issues.pdf RCAK-17V307-2294.pdf RCMN-17V307-7791.pdf
  6. Does anybody know how to replace the antenna assembly for the 2016 chevrolet spark 1LT? My antenna assembly was damaged when i backed up my car and it hit the bottom of the garage door... I am so concerned that if it rains, water will get into the car.. If there is a video that you can share, that would be awesome...thank you
  7. Hi all, New Spark owner here in the northeast, looking to get some winter tires on this car asap. I found a set on Craigslist, nice snow tires mounted on 14" steelies that came off a 2012-2015 spark. My question is does anyone know if a 14" rim will fit and clear everything on the new 2016,2017 sparks that come stock with a 15" wheel now.
  8. Just got a new Spark, pretty fast and good. I've race it against a tuned Ford Ka and a Fiesta ST. The car wasn't so slow against them. I want to know any mod that any of you have done to the new spark. Any suggestions?
  9. The 2016 Chevy Spark Forum can be found here - please note that many topics concerning the 2016 Spark were moved here.