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Found 9 results

  1. Hope I could get some help identifying this panel that is damaged. I was looking at fenders but does not look like what I need to replace. The panel is to the right of the front bumper with the damage. Also if anyone knows the name of the white piece that clips the front bumper. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum and have recently gotten myself a 2014 LT1 and was wanting to change some parts on it to make it a little bit more aggressive in the looks department. I have found a few of the parts that I am wanting to swap in my year but one of the parts I want is for a newer model. The question I have is will the lower facia off of a 2016 Sparks rear bumper fit my 2014? For those who dont know what part I am referring to it is the piece that goes in the cutout on the bottom of the rear bumper (usually a black plastic). Mine is smooth the entire way down the piece and I found one for the 2016 that is diffused and would love to put it on, but I dont know if it would fit and dont want to spend 300 bucks after shipping if it won't work. If anyone has swapped parts from different years like that I would like to hear what did and didn't work for you. Also if anyone has any tips on where to find information on building the engine with a CVT for track use that would be also appreciated.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm brand new here but I've been lurking and reading the last few days on here. I'd like to start by thanking EVERYONE that has contributed to this forum. This is a great community and I'm thankful for the people that make it happen. I am currently looking for a good commuter car to get back and forth to work, about 170 miles a day. After doing some searching I found good reviews on the Spark. A local dealership has a 2014 LS Manual with 55,000 miles for just under 6k. Seems like a good deal and since the Spark gets such good gas mileage it seems like a good fit. How many miles can I expect to get out of this girl before I run into a major(expensive) problem. Of course I know not all cars are the same and how it was taken care of before is a HUGE factor, but is it common for these cars to run for 150k miles? This one in particular has the service records on it and it seems it was well maintained at the dealership. Also, will running this car at 70-75 mph every day be an issue? Thanks in advance for your input!!
  4. SO my front grill is speckled black because most the chrome is starting to peel off. I was curious if there was a way to repaint it or to stop it?
  5. My son's girlfriend has a 2014 that is throwing two codes: - P0693 Fan 2 control circuit low - P0128 Coolant temperature (coolant temperature below thermostat regulating temperature) It has a new thermostat/housing assembly (I replaced after her dad pried out the thermostat when it was stuck shut and she needed to get back to college - no parts houses in her town had a thermostat in stock) and seems to be running ok. It doesnt have a temp gauge, but checking the head temp with an IR temp gun shows about 160 near all cylinders. Seemed about right so I'm thinking new thermostat is working and engine is getting up to temp. I took a guess at that point and replaced the coolant temp sensor thinking that might be cause of P0128. I cleared the codes by disconnecting the battery but they both returned later the same day. I don't want to throw more parts at it so if someone has a service manual, would you look up those two codes (P0693 & P0128) and let me know what it says? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have a used '14 LT and recently took a look at the rear suspension. Currently I only have coil springs installed. Wondering if that is supposed to be that way. Are the rear struts an OEM addition to the 2LT or should I be taking it back to the Chevy dealer that sold me the car and try to get this fixed under some warranty issue (I still have about 6K miles left on the warranty and even though I bought it used would it be worth the try). Anyone out there already have rear shocks already installed or is this an anomaly exclusive to my car? Suggestions anyone?
  7. Hi everyone, I drive a 2014 Spark, and I am interested in purchasing a dealership-level service manual so I can do maintenance the way GM intended. Purchasing a 2014 Spark manual costs $300, but getting a 2013 Spark manual is only $200. Why is that? Also, does it make a difference if I use a 2013 manual to service a 2014 vehicle? Surely there can't be many differences between vehicles one model year apart, right? The 2013 manual is located at: The 2014 manual is located at: Thanks for the assistance, Pat
  8. First Impressions 2014 Chevy Spark LS After three days with the spark: Things I like: +Gas Mileage. Getting 38mpg average w/ ac on all the time +Looks I like guinea pig shaped hatchbacks +Space It's not cramped up front. Decent in the back. Ok storage. +Cost Can't beat it, really Things I don't like: -Slow: Jumping out into traffic is a bit scary. Takes forever to get up to speed. It's more Geo Metro than Toyota Yaris, I suppose. -Speakers: Bought some kickers to install. I don't have huge needs in the speaker dept.but the stock speakers are ridiculous. No highs, nasal mids. I suspect they're intentionally nerfed to fish for upgrades because even with a $15 gift card to walmart you can do better. Placement is poor as well: two far in front, two far in back. Sounds almost mono. -Ignition Key Angle It's not the ergonomic up/down entry. Instead, the key enters perpendicular to the ground. It's odd because you have to turn your hand unnaturally to put the key in and then bend it even more to start the thing. Really silly. -Doors: Need to be slammed to shut completely which makes you seem mad every time you leave somewhere. -Steering Wheel: It's uniform except for the bottom where a little chunk of the like soft rubber is carved out for hard plastic. During tight turns the wheel runs under your hands smooth until that part catches with a thunk! Bad design. -Horn Placement: Can't reach it with both hands on the wheel. -Interior Lighting: On the dimmest setting it lights up my car like an xmas tree. The gas gauge cluster is the worst offender. My face is bright blue to anyone passing me. The onstar panel overhead is bad as well. It doesn't dim and is distracting at night. There's probably some way to correct this in the computer. -Spare Tire There is none. Things I'm not sure of yet: -CVT: Not sure how long my manual cars would last if I shifted as spastically. Slowing down, the car has some engine breaking related to down-shift. Enough to jolt you forward. Need to get used to it, but it's rather unpredicable.
  9. 2014 Chevy Spark ditching four-speed automatic for CVT Green Car Reports / The Chevrolet Spark, the smallest Chevy sold in the U.S., will get some mechanical changes next year, according to Christi Landy, the brand's small-car marketing director. The 2014 Chevrolet Spark, which will go on sale late this year, will offer a continuously-variable transmission (CVT) in place of the current four-speed automatic. READ MORE HERE