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  1. Perfect thanks. Pop the hood and the coolant reservoir was bone dry. No smoke and the engine is running fine and no leaks so I guess a trip to the dealer is in order. Love how you hit 50,000 miles on a car and it starts to fall apart.
  2. My spark is throwing a code about slow moving coolant, and I loose heat after about 10 min of driving. Anyone know what the normal operating temperature of the 1.2l is? I want to make sure it is not overheating. Thanks!
  3. I wanted to mention as well that Metra has had multiple revisions of the 99-3309 bezel. I somehow got a first generation that fit like poo. It is easy to tell if you have the first or second. on the backside of the bezel, if it is flat and flimsy, then you have gen 1. If it is fairly rigid and had raised ribs all through he back, you have gen 2. My gen 1 fit so poorly, I emailed metra, and the immediately sent me a gen 2. Amazing customer service there! I will be fitting the new bezel today and will let you all know how much better it fits. I can tell you already the vents snap in rather than flop around when connected to the bezel, which is a great start.
  4. From my reading I knew I was going to have to trim off about .25" off each side of the metra bezel. I grabbed a sharp xacto knife, flipped over the bezel, and slowly cut on the outside line of the trim. You will know what I mean when you see it. once that was removed, and after some very minor fitting, the bezel slid right over the deck. I had some difficulties wtih the bezel as I apparently received a first generation item that had some fitment issues. Metra was fantastic and sent me a new one with no issues. Just email their tech support, they are really quite good. By the way, it did come with the connections to connect the AUX in jack built into the console to the HU. It has a hiss until the jack has a connection. I plan on installing a RCA ground loop isolation box the next time I get the dash out.
  5. Installation: The installation, was a bit of a pain. Getting the factory dash bezel off to get the factory radio out was not easy. The plastic of the dash is very soft, and the bezel is REALLY secure. It does just pop off though, so persistence is key. Once off, I unscrewed the 4 screws holding the deck to the dash, pulled out the FHU, and disconnected everything. I put the FHU away for safe keeping. Next I opened the Pumpkin HU box, and pulled out the wiring harness and started joining the massive harness from the HU to the massive harness from the metra kit. It took a while, but is not to bad once you get rolling. Just make sure you read the metra instructions carefully. I then used the special screws to mount the head unit to the plastic Metra braces. You need to screw them in tightly as the HU is wide, and the screws will stop the unit from sliding in. Once that was done, I went out to the car, and hooked up the antenna wires to the factory connections, and then hooked the metra harness to the car, slid it all in, made some minor adjustments to the metal backstop in the dash, routed the two USB and the ipod connection to the glove box, and then turned the car on to verify it all worked. Luckily for me, it did
  6. I purchased the following from to get started. Metra 99-3309B (full kit, not the 99-3309B-LC): $114.99 Metra Antenna adapter (says it wont work on amazon, but it does): $10.99 DoubleDin HU Mounting screws: $.13.95 These are way overpriced, and I could have probably gone to a hardware store, but i didn't have a lot of time, and was sick of not having the unit mounted properly. Pumpkin Pure Android 4.4.4 Dual Core 800x480 Navigation Head Unit: $340.58 I decided I wanted this head unit after a lot of reading. I am a pretty technical guy, so I thought I could work though any potential issues, of which I had very few. You can take a look at the offerings that the reseller Pumkin offers at or at thier website: They do have a Chevy Spark, Daewoo Matize specific unit, but the price was to high, and it didnt look like it had anything special on it. It is here: So here is a breakdown of the Pumpkin and other Pure android based units: All of the manufactures that I could find that use the Pure Android name are made by one of a handful of companies. This means you can choose the right look and style for you, and still be able to update and play if you wish. You can flash updated MCU images, and new Android ROMs at any time. The MCU, which controls the radio, Bluetooth, DVD and hard buttons is specific to the company that manufactured the unti. This means you can only use MCU images from that manufacture. If you use the incorrect one, you will have problems. The Android piece is shared among all the manufactures, and you can use a ROM made from any of the manufactures on any unit. The Good: WiFi tethering: Unit connects up fine to my Cell Phone and tethers perfectly, every time, without fail. Bluetooth: While HU is connected to Cell phone's WiFi tether, it is also able to connect to both my Cell phone's Bluetooth for audio and cell, as well as my Bluetooth ODBII unit I use with the provided torque app. Play Store: All apps work and I have not had any issues at all. Radio: Signal in my part of the USA is fantastic. Sound is strong, and very little "hiss" for weaker stations DVD player: mine worked when tested, but I do not use it, so I can not comment extensively. USB: I connected a 64bit USB thumb drive and it has not given me any issues. 3g Dongle: I have not used this, but from reading at XDA forums, there are some issues with powering the device. A powered USB hub fixes this issue. GPS: iGo app is not my favorite, so I simply downloaded Waze, and changed the setting in the GPS settings of android to use the Waze app when the Navigation button is pressed. You can do this with any GPS app, such as google maps; Which worked perfectly well with the satellite view as well. Support: Awesome peer support over at XDA. Search XDA for "HuiFei - 2 DIN Pure Android 4.2.2/4.4.2/4.4.4 RK3066/RK3188 CarStereo Radio Head Unit" for updated Android images and firmware. There is a lot if information there. you can also upgrade from the RK3066 dual core processor to the RK1388 quad core for around $150 USD through resources on that site. Bad: Audio Quality:While the audio is crystal clear for all inputs (android apps, DVD, Tuner, Aux input), the tonal quality is not fantastic. I have an amp and sub woofer to assist in the tones of the unit, and some of the issues may revolve around the crummy factory speakers, so I can not say for sure that the issue is from the head unit itself. If you play with the EQ, you can get it to sound pretty good. Tuner: Looses presets occasionally. Not sure why yet. Its not a huge issue for me. Fitment: Unit is about 1/4" wider than USA standard DoubleDin HU. you WILL need to trim the bezel on your car to fit. If you do not want to do this, then this unit is not good for you!!! I have waited a long time for a HU that could do everything I wanted it to do with out issue. this unit does them all, with only very minor annoyances. All of which I feel will be resolved with future firmware and ROM releases. The manufactures are constantly releasing updates and fixes, and are very hands on in the development and support.
  7. Yep... I got mine on amazon for $10.99 with free shipping
  8. Interested. How much? I am in Columbia, SC
  9. Good Luck! I ended up going a different route
  10. I wouldn't do it. I just installed a Pumpkin Pure Android head unit that does everything I could ever ask it to, and does it very well. All in all, I have $475 in it, and It can tether off my phone for WiFi, has Bluetooth that allows your phone AND Bluetooth ODBII devices to work simultaneously (for Torque), full android Play store for apps, comes with a decent navigation app, but I now use Google maps or Waze. I also use Amazon Prime Mp3 and SiriusXM apps for music. It is a pretty slick unit. Only thing you need to do to fit the unit is use an xacto blade to trim the back of the Metra bezel to take about a 1/4" off each side. I just flipped the bezel over, and trimmed along the inside of the ridge, and it fits perfectly.Radio is decent, but I NEVER use it. The internal mic isnt great, it has an echo, but for me that is not a big deal. If it bothers you, there is a fix for it over at Metra 99-3309B install kit for $115 ( Antenna adapter for $10.00 ( Pumpkin 6.95" Android 4.4.4 Universal In Dash HD Touch Screen Car DVD Player Double Din GPS Navigation Stereo AM/FM Radio Support SD/USB/Bluetooth/3G/Wifi/OBD2/1080P/DVR $350 ( And Pics
  11. Anyone know how deep the crevice for radio is? I am looking at installing one of these and it is 176mm or 6.93" from the face to the rear:
  12. Getting ready to install the Metra 99-309b and its install depends if there is a factory amp. I dont believe there is on the LS, but thought I would ask. Any know know? Any other thoughts on the install of the Metra 99-309b?
  13. Got our letter thursday. made an appt. for tomorrow...we shall see!!
  14. So i have had one of the LEDs low beam lights go out. Given what they cost, I was NOT thrilled. However, the seller has been quick to reply, offer assistance, and is sending me a new bulb ASAP. I am hopeful to get it next week. Lets hope that I get a bit more life out of this next set. As for the concern about the fans, they work fine. I have gone through one of those touchless car washes, and multiple puddles and they seem to stay dry. I'll post again when I get my replacement.
  15. If someone would like to take a picture for me of the AC Fill port in the engine bay, I just happen to have a can in my garage, that I would be willing to top off my system with a few more PSI....