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  1. Costco. That where we got our new tires. One size larger than stock. No problem.
  2. It is a Chevy Dealership in Medford Oregon. Near the Medford Airport. Hence the name... Airport Chevy. I see they have 18 Sparks left. They started out with over 50.
  3. Here is the link to Airport Chevy and 2016 Sparks.. I see now they list 50 cars.
  4. My Medford, Oregon dealer has 52 in stock as per website. 8999 for 5 speed. 9999 for auto trans. All new 2016 models. Goggle airport chevrolet medford oregon. This where I bought my 2013 for 9999. Good dealership. JOEL was our salesman, if you want to telephone them. I wonder if they new 2016 have cruise control? I really miss it on my 2013.
  5. My Spark has the push button Wiper Blade. Where can I find a real good replacement, that will fit 100% with no hassle. Thanks. PS I did buy a Costco universal wiper blade, but was hard to figure out how to fit.
  6. Not me. Lots of pics of the 2016.
  7. We thought about installing a double DIN in our 2013. If I did, I would buy the "kit" on my own, and go to Best Buy and buy the Radio and have them install it. We recently drove a 2016 Chevy Traverse for a month. It had a back up camera. It worked really good with an excellent picture. If I ever upgraded my radio, I would make sure it had this feature.
  8. Good for you. The Spark is a really neat car. If anyone is interested, My Medford Oregon Dealer has new 2016 manual trans for 10,999. Goggle Airport Chevrolet in Medford OR. This is where we bought our 2013. I am not a Dealer.
  9. Thanks.. Think I may order one. I wonder if the new 2016 base models have cruise?
  10. Thanks for all the comments. Now I understand more of what happened. We had the PCV valve replaced thru the recall, but I guess not soon enough.
  11. Started running ruff. But not really bad. Also idle was ruff. Called On Star. Said bad smog devices. On Star called nearest dealer for us and made appointment. We drove directly to Chevy Garage in Redding CA. They were expecting us. We waited for about an hour. They came back and said ONE cylinder had failed. They gave a loaner. 3 weeks later picked up Spark. Said they decided to replace whole engine. No cost to us. Zero dollars !!
  12. Not sure the reason why? My wife picked it up. Car has around 55,000 miles. My wife said it was due to PCV recall / replacement. I always kept the oil filled up and changed oil. So..... what happened to require a whole new engine????
  13. For example... My Dealer in Medford Oregon. They list 16, autos and 5 speeds. Autos are 12,999 5 speeds ar 10,999
  14. Check out AirportChevrolet web site. Located in Medford, Oregon Not just one.... but all in inventory. This Dealer is where I bought my New 2013 for $9999. My salesman was Joel, and still stays in touch with me.