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  1. I think I solved the mystery. My golf pull cart bag was in the back and one of the wheels was close enough to the rear door button so that when I went over a pothole, the wheel of the pull cart would nestle on the switch and pull down the window. That's also why I couldn't always get it back up until I stopped. If it happens again, though, I'll know it's something different. Mike Ecsedy, Brookfield, CT
  2. The last few days, my rear left door window seems to have decided to go down without any input on my part via the door switches. Any thoughts? Thanks, Mike Ecsedy, Brookfield, CT
  3. This morning on the way to work the Code 82 Change Engine Oil Soon message came on. I have an appointment for a regular maintenance service including oil change in 2 1/2 weeks, and I'll probably put 500 miles on my car before then. Do I need to move my maintenance appointment up? Thanks, MSE