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  1. This was a old scanguage 2. My brother had. I hooked it up to see the codes. Thats when problem started after 2 mile drive. The scanguage hasn't been used I 6 years
  2. I removed the scangauge and problem seems to have gone away for now.
  3. I think having the scangage plugged in might be causing the problem. I know antifreeze got on the belts and other parts
  4. My coolent tank started leaking and I replaced it. Now I am getting u0100 code. Is this very bad? How do I fix this problem?
  5. everytime I start the car now it says channel not available. and one time it was stuck on a channel and I could not change the channel. is my xm mylink radio going bad? should I bring it to the dealer?
  6. I order them. I hope it works. spent a lot of money on wipers this week. I had to buy the 16" wiper 2 times because the first one was missing the adapter for the chevy spark. and 2 rear wipers. but I will know what to buy next time.
  7. I replaced all 3 wipers. but the 12" rear window anco wiper misses about 4" of the window. because it wont flex enough. what wiper should I use on the rear window?
  8. I want to buy the same wipers that came with my spark. where can I buy them from and how much do they cost? thanks
  9. they have to be that big to protect you in a roll over
  10. did you get the air con recall work done?
  11. I ordered some fatmat but im not going to use it on my spark. fatmat is made out of asphalt I hear it smells. I just going to dynamat
  12. putting some on the package tray helped a lot to.
  13. I spent a 100.00 on dynamat and still don't have the trunk done. Im going to order some fatmat since its cheaper. dynamat does not trap water since its pressed against the steel with a roller to get rid of air pockets.
  14. how do I put dynamat in the wheel wells?
  15. I shift into park with the parking brake on