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  1. Installing an aftermarket intake will not void warranty
  2. Forgot to mention, during testing, temp ranged from 54-61 and my intake temps were never more than 3 degrees above ambient
  3. Well Eva, our LT, took her first road trip today. So I did some real world gas mileage testing. I guess some things to note first is I put the tires at 45 PSI cold. Obviously you know what I've done mod wise. If it matters, I'm currently running Valvoline Dexos approved 5W20. And use 87 Octane; not ethanol free. Oh, there were two adults, and two 7 year old boys in the car. I'd say no more than 70 lbs in the trunk. When we filled up for the test run, I reset the average speed, and MPG average. We drove 197.8 miles, and the MPG gauge was saying 38.5 MPG. I must note that while the test run, I tried my hardest to get the highest possible numbers. I used cruise control at 75 MPH, (speed limit was 70) and while accelerating at all, I did not use cruise. (if you drive an auto, you know how it likes to rev up) We made one stop at a rest stop and while re entering the interstate, I did not go over 3K RPM. We never used the defrost, or AC. No heat either. Traffic never stopped, so we did no idling. When we stopped to refill, the car said average speed of 71.4 MPH It took 5.168 gallons to fill up, giving us a real world MPG of 38.27. Not too shabby Especially for a 4 speed running 75 MPH. I'd say RPMs were 3200 average.
  4. injen

    Filter and MAF adapter included, you could build one for under 80 bucks and get the same benefits/performance
  5. injen

    They're over $200. Cheapest I've seen was $208. I'm sure it looks and sounds awesome, but for that much I'll pass. You could build your own CAI for a fraction of that price, and literally get the same 3 HP at redline gain
  6. Semi synthetic is half conventional n half synthetic. But I think he was wrong because dexos approved 5w20 only comes full synthetic. As far as I know anyway.....
  7. injen

    There are or were a couple people on here that got the intake. I decided against it. According to what I've been able to find online about it, it's a 3 HP gain at redline. How often will you be driving around at redline?
  8. Hitt em up. Send em an email. I bet they could get u both requests
  9. Wed have to wait n see, but on other gms they have a "stealth tune". Meaning there's no way for the service centers to know
  10. No one knows. Whoever has the donor car will get a free tune. At that point we'd all know the actual gains etc
  11. Nothing. I use a thumb drive or blutooth
  12. I emailed vector motor sports to see if they'd be interested in doing ECM's for the Spark. This is their response. Unfortunately, theyre located in Clinton Township, Michigan, and I'm too far, or I'd totally be all over this. Any takers? Someone PLEASE do so we can get flashed/programmed/tuned ECMs! We are interested in getting into the Cruze and Spark performance market coincidently... are you local to us? If you know of anyone interested in letting us use one of each of those vehicles, we would do all of the tuning for free and cover all labor costs (wide band bung installation, cold air intake installation, etc). Let me know if you're interested... Thank you!