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  1. Member Retired old gearhead could help with the price as he had his done though it wasn’t a fault with car itself . I don’t have anywhere near the miles you have on my 2013 automatic . I have around 65K on mine . Repairs so far include a pedal position sensor repaired under warranty. Car went into limp mode and got me home but needed tow to the dealer . Part was $30. I also had recently a coolant temp sensor go bad ( $12 part ) and had the electric thermostat replaced . Car was having issue with disappearing PRNDL display and going into low power . Serviced under a TSB for greasing PNP switch connectors but problem continued so I had the PNP switch itself replaced but problem continues . A restart of the car fixes it , probably has happened 6 times in the course of 65K miles . Other than that it’s been normal maintenance. Still have original brakes and belts . The problems though small make me reconsider buying a Chevy which is too bad cause I love the car .
  2. Had it happen again with the P0705 code so had the PNP switch replaced recently hoping to fix the issue and still happen twice after that . A restart always fixes it till it happens again . It’s actually worse I feel since replacing the switch as it’s happened twice within last 3-4000 miles . If it continues I’ll have to see the dealer and hope they have some better info on a repair or think about trading it even though I love the car .
  3. The 1.2 used in the first gen spark has the same basic features , low friction , forged rods . Not much changed but your getting a slightly larger and more powerful motor with the 1.4 that’s welcome . They are good strong low maintenance engines across the generations .
  4. CVT belts are metal and are not a maintenance item . You need periodic fluid changes with the specific fluid . Use only OEM fluid as it’s crucial to a CVT’s longevity.
  5. The traction control light comes on relatively frequently on my Spark . Sometimes I hit the same bump every day while accelerating or just turning too fast of a slippery surface and triggers the traction control and light . Bottom line is you need to know what the fault code is so your going to have to get it scanned . I would try a different auto parts store , most major chains to it for free . Then you will at least have a basis for repair when you take it in for service . Some sensors like a coolant temp sensor can cause rough idle or cause the cooling fans to run far more frequently. Because you have some drive ability issues I wouldn’t let the problem linger .
  6. Also the light doesn’t need to be on to retrieve a trouble code , in fact sometimes a fault won’t trigger the light . If you can a check engine light it will typically go off by itself after so many miles or key cycles . The computer will then scan as it normally does and if the fault is gone then the light will stay off but the code was still stored if there was one . Or if it finds the fault again it may turn the light on . This may take 50-60 miles of driving to go the test cycle . I have had multiple faults , bad sensors . Some i replaced others I clear the code and sometimes it doesn’t return .
  7. I live in Ct and have driven mine in heavy snow and did well even with the factory tires . I went up hills surprisingly well . Until last year when I got a AWD vehicle I had used my spark in every snow storm no matter how bad . At 20K miles I switched out the tires to Nokian all weather and those made the car great in snow and ice . The traction and stability control work very well on the spark .
  8. I agree it shouldn’t be using any oil and it would bother me also . Your next oil change will be more telling , I wouldn’t rule out s leak either even if see no oil on the ground . I would register your concern so it’s noted that there’s a problem and you have it on paper and can always escalate things above the dealer level .
  9. Only oil consumption issues I knew with the 1.2 engine were caused by a defective PCV which was recalled . I haven’t had any modern engine including my Spark use oil between changes though your 1/2 quart in 5000 miles will fall under normal consumption by Chevy . If you complain to them they may run an oil consumption test and of course check for any TSBs .
  10. I run premium in all my cars including the Spark . The reason I do is only for the additional additives it contains to protect the fuel system as a whole and reduce wear on the fuel pump . I mainly use shell fuel as my preferred brand .
  11. There's a expansion and contraction issue with that metal insert eventually weakening and then splitting the plastic nipple along with probably the stress helping it along . Fortunately the tank is cheap and easy to replace . I bought all new hoses that I haven't gotten around to install yet .
  12. The metal insert inside the nipple where it fails has been removed in the revised tank . Time will tell if it holds up better than the original design
  13. I don't have that issue either , my head leans back not forward . It's quite comfortable , maybe your seat is too upright .
  14. I have had that noise on 3 cars last year , for me it's always a tree branch stuck under the car . It's disconcerting when it happens as it sounds like a metallic scraping noise . Sometimes it cones free on its own other times I have had to go under the car to dislodge it . 3 cars this year but it happens to me on any given year . Picked up one in a parking lot once too .
  15. What Bobby said is right . You really need to buy using your VIN number as there may have been running changes during a model year . If you buy from Ebay there's no guarantee it's the correct part or where it's from . You may get the old original failure prone part instead of a revised one . I Would go to GM parts online and get another tank .