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  1. Well, it wasn't that the other speakers were so terribly bad. If you had the settings just right some songs sounded pretty good. Not great. It's like the difference between my home stereo with receiver and full surround sound and an iPod dock with built-in speakers. The dock sounds okay and it's nice to fall asleep to, but I wouldn't use it in a party situation. Same difference with my car, I feel like if I was out with some friends I could crank the music, open the doors and have a lakeside party.
  2. Okay, so I had Best Buy (where I bought the speakers and they gave me a great price match against the price) install the speakers. Pioneer 3-way speakers. I only did the rears, no change to the front and the difference is night and day! I plug my iPod into it and I actually find I have to set the treble and mid into the negative or it's a little too sibilant. The bass is set at 4 and, a few songs aside that have heavy, heavy bass or overproduced drums, it's such an improvement. I had a "trouble song" playlist that included Smells Like Teen Spirit, Hand in My Pocket and Love Shack, all of which had been giving me problems with the previous speakers. The only ones I couldn't quite get to sound right were Florence and the Machine's Dog Days are Over - which has one segment that the bass is so overpowering I can't even get it to sound right on my home system - and Moby's Porcelain. Just can't get the bass to sound right on that song, which is a shame, it's one of my favorite songs of the 90s. But I have listened to a variety of songs from classic rock to jazz to soul and I haven't had to mess around with the settings yet. Very happy with my new speakers! Now to get that A/C problem fixed (which actually has not acted up once since I last posted about it.)
  3. Fudge. What is it with me and air systems? I swear the last three cars I've had have all had some kind of A/C problem creep up on me. Are A/C systems really that hard to get right? Or have I just had extremely bad luck?
  4. I've seen a few posts about some kind of cold/cool problem with the A/C. What exactly is that problem? I have taken a few longer trips where, by the end of a 1-2 hour drive the A/C blower seems to be blowing less and the air coming through, while cool, is not as cold. Is that the same thing or something different? I also read that it's due to a batch of bad or faulty condensers? Should I have mine replaced or does the condenser just eventually run out of charge?
  5. Well these are the rear speakers. I'm okay with the sound on the forward mounts. I want good 3 way speakers on the back end first and if it still needs it I think I can switch out the front speakers pretty easily
  6. Speakers are okay. I think reviews calling them atrocious are a bit hyperbolic. There is a lot of fiddling needed to get them to sound right from song to so song, bass can sometimes be muddy and drum sounds especially bass kick do not have good, full body, especially on rock anthems like Smells Like Teen Spirit or just about anything for the grunge/alternative era. I'm confident the pioneers I got will make that better I just can't get them to fit. So probably I'll get them installed.
  7. Well alas the connections seem to be a moot point because I just cannot get the speakers and racks to line up. I will just see what a professional installation will cost...
  8. Do speaker wires NEED to be soldered or is there another way to connect?
  9. I am moving to Phoenix in about 2 months. We need a club there so I can join it!
  10. Thanks for the tips so far, I'm very excited about my coming relocation but I know there's a lot I'll need to do to maintain my car.
  11. In a couple months I will be moving from Illinois to Phoenix, AZ. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips to prepare my little one for the onslaught of Phoenix heat? Are there things I should do with the antifreeze? What can I do to protect against dust and sand getting into things? I am seriously considering having the car shipped and taking a train to save on putting excess miles on her - and quite possibly my company will pay for transfer fees, do posters here think it is worth it or should I give her the workout? Also, I have noticed a few posts about stereo and speakers on the 2LT and I was wondering if, short of installing new speakers or a subwoofer, could anyone suggest some EQ settings that would give me the best sound? It's weird - some songs sound great no matter what the setting, but others I keep having to play around with the treble/bass setting almost from one song to the next. Has anyone found a good base setting that I can set and forget it? Thanks in advance!
  12. I have the Salsa (red) Spark and her name is Penny. Several connotations...
  13. I'm a first time new car buyer and I just got a Chevy Spark! So far it's been an amazing fun ride (for all the 2 days that I've had it). I can't wait to get this thing on the road and take a road trip either up to Chicago or who knows where? I'm happy to join the community of Spark owners, as this little red car (her name is Penny) is going to serve me well in the years to come. Salute!