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  1. I get the opposite. Before i was averagin about 34mpg and now i am lucky to get 32mpg... I also find it a lot more shacky off the starting line. I feel i need to give it more gas to get going. (I have a 2LT Manual).
  2. Goodyear brand from Costco. 2 blades for $11 bucks. Work great.
  3. I would also hope that if you bought your spark from a Chevy dealer, they would of taken care of all recalls pending on that vehicle...
  4. I dont have XM so i am uncertain about that issue. But... My temp gauge did the same thing. i turned around and brought it back in. They attempted to reprogram it while i waited for it. After another hour with no success he took it on a test drive and came back and informed me that he had to research the issue and in fact you have to drive it about a certain MPH to get the temp gauge to reset itself and calibrate to start working again.
  5. Parts for some reason on this do come in fast. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to bring mine in and decided to call the dealer this afternoon to confirm they had received the part in just under a week. Sure enough, they stated they receive it last night. i asked them if it was a new designed part and not the same one that is recalled and of course they said it was a new designed one. I was told last week when i found out about the warranty that the recall information informs the service department to pull all spark plugs to ensure they are not damaged and replace if needed. It also said that the idle will be re tuned as well as a thorough inspection of the engine will be done. Unknown if this thorough inspection includes looking inside the cylinders to inspect for carbon build up and/or engine sludge. Guess I will find out… On a side note, my vehicle backfired yesterday…. I thought that was a little odd since no one on here has brought this up. Was just about to round a sharp corner and pushed in the clutch and “POP” comes from the rear end. Sounded just like a back fire, but not as loud as you usually hear. Then again I’ve never been inside a vehicle when it has back fired.
  6. My dealer told me they will have the part thursday... Hopefully they aren't replacing it with another bad one..
  7. Patsy does this recall say anything about excessive engine clatter? (I understand your computer's are down, but when it gets back up maybe you could look)
  8. Thanks for the information Patsy. Please do keep us updated as to the cause and/or reason why the valve was found to be faulty. Thank you
  9. Here's an interesting one for you all took my 2013 2LT with 10,000 miles in for a check up on a couple things and found out there is a recall on a PCV valve. He said it's for emissions. But.... A faulty one can cause misfires, oil leaks, oil sludge build up and poor performance. Hmmmmm.......
  10. Hi all Been awhile since over posted here... Lately when I am in neutral (2013 2LT Manual) I go to move to the left to put it in first and there is a rough vibrating feel in the shift knob. Wanted to know if anyone else is expirencing this? This has never occurred before and it will be there go away and then I move the knob back and fourth a few times and it's back.
  11. I am as well 6-04. I had a hard time at first getting acustomed to the the vehicle, but i found it most comfortable to lean the seat back some. that opened up some leg room.
  12. I would love for one of the Customer Service ladies to get on this thread and do some background research and inform us if this is a legit new TSB and not just an article. And if this is only limited to the 2014 models or if it is present with the 2013 models as well. My Spark is spot on with the engine issues. Very lud engine, very loud tink/ping noise and loss of power occasianlly. But no...... The dealer has said that this is normal engine noise and normal for a small eco car. Funny how they said the same thing about my A/C, but then a recall comes out fixing the issues i brought it in 4 times for.....
  13. I asked about a loaner or possibly rental car while this warranty work is to be completed. I was told by my dealer that Chevy does not supply a loaner or rental under our warrantys for a recall repair. Does anyone know if this is true? I thought it was odd that chevy recalls a vehicle and requires a repair but wont supply you transportation while the repair is being made. My parts have sat at the dealer for over a month now because i dont have the time to leave my car at a dealer for half a day and wait around. I just flat out do not have the time.... Chevrolet Customer Care, anything you can do to help me out here? Maybe contact the dealer and see if chevy would be willing to put me into a rental or loaner vehicle?
  14. I would love to see more pictures along with a turtrial maybe? What does the foil tape do??
  15. My concern here now is this: Lets say GM finds that it is a sensor and they replace this sensor. What about all the damages taht could have already been caused mechanically from this build up and the timing bein off? Are you now stuck with an engine that may be faulted or damaged due to a prior issue?