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  1. So the inspector estimated 4,100. He then said, "But once they really get into it, its probably going to be considerably more." I traded it in to a chevy dealer, who took the bloody car. I'm just going to sign over the check from Geico. I ended up getting a brand new 2014 Cruze Eco for 17,000. With free window tint, and a stack of oil change vouchers. They gave me 9500 for the Spark which I was thrilled about. The Cruze is much much nicer. So glad to be out of that Spark!
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure what its going to cost. Alot of stuff to take into account, The paint is ruined on the roof and drivers side, that whole drivers front needs replaced. Alot of the stuff that is everything behind the bumper and quarter panel (well where it was) is cracked or destroyed. We'll see what happens. I got off the phone with my salesman who sounds 100% confident that I'm not going to take a loss on anything. So I'm praying.
  3. Did a favor by taking a buddy to the airport at 5am. On the way home on I-70, here come 4 deer jumping over the median. You can guess the rest of the story. I was supposed to trade it in tomorrow. What you cant really see in the pic are a few dings in the driver and passenger door, And got does this think smell awful. Whatever deer I hit must not have taken a dump in a while. Praying they total this car out. What do you guys think? And surprisingly the airbags didn't deploy, I hit the thing doing 65...
  4. What are you guys getting offered on trade ins? I got offered 9500....I have an ls manual with 15000.
  5. Is that customer satisfaction program 13434 or whatever it is, actually fixing the A/C?
  6. Understandable. I'm trading mine in tomorrow I believe.
  7. So for an update. I went to the Chevy dealer this morning about 30 mins away (not the one I bought my spark from). There have been a couple 6spd Cruze Eco's I have been curious about there. I drove it and the 1.4 turbo was very nice and the A/C unit was ICE COLD (about 85 and sunny here today). So as the negotiations sit currently, I would get 9500 for the trade in and the Cruze would be $17,000 (20,880msrp). I still love the spark, but some days it drives fine while other days it feels like its really struggling to roll along. I am undecided with what to do here. I need some words of encouragement!
  8. Nice! What did you pay for your sonic if you don't mind me asking? I hassled with a local dealer today and am currently sitting at 17,300 for a 2014 Cruze ECO. And I have the Toyota dealer offering me a Corolla LE Plus for 17500. Can't decide where I want to go with this. I like the looks of the Cruze, but the Corolla seems like the smarter choice.
  9. Seems like the customer program 13434 is just a bunch of nonsense. Found a toyota dealer within reasonable distance thats claiming to be "desperate to reach april sales goals" and the internet manager told me upfront that they are willing to go below invoice. So I'm going to check them out and see how low I could actually get. If that falls through I figure I'll just bug the living hell out of the dealership I bought my spark from and hopefully they will give me a good deal down the line.
  10. Haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. Its been in the 70's this week and I've been blasting the A/C and its comfortable. But once it gets warmer out, I'm going to be toast! Trying to trade it in before summer.
  11. This is my toy...2005 GSXR 600 with 5000 miles.
  12. Yeah, I'm gonna miss it if I trade it in. Toyota seems like the way to go though.
  13. I had a silverado for years that never let me down. My father had an S10 that was reliable. Of course the 5.3 and the 4.3 are notoriously reliable. Thats a good point you have, seems like all the newer cars have issues. I like the looks of the cruze more than the looks of the corolla. I'm just hoping I dont take a huge hit on a trade in. I'll hold on to it if thats the case.
  14. It's been quite a while since I've posted on here. Mainly because I've been so agitated with the A/C problems I try to hide from it. LOL But I don't think I want to go another summer in 95+ heat with the uncomfortable cooling. I love my spark but I don't like sweating through my shirts. Anyways, this leads me to my question. Has anyone on here owned or driven a Cruze? I have heard from some people that the A/C is also a tad disappointing. Just wondering since I couldn't really get a good feel on my test drive because it was only about 75 degrees out. I'm looking into an eco model. If anyone has any feedback about the Cruze it would be much appreciated. I'm trying to stay close MPG wise to what I'm getting in my 5 speed spark (about 40-43mpg avg.) I also drove a 2014 Corolla yesterday and I was very impressed. Such a solid car and the redesigned interior is Awesome.
  15. How much did you get for your trade in?