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  1. Hi me again. I know there is an older version of this topic but Id like to relaunch it with new ideas. Before I go and get the conversion kit does any one knows if sonic has the same bolt pattern and bearing? ( https://zzperformance.com/products/zzp-sonic-rear-disc-brake-conversion-kit ). Thanks
  2. And if you want European quality Eibach is about to lunch their own coil overs soon. Talked to the sales team in USA.
  3. Thanks for the Reply! Great advice somehow did not think about that... Also I took a look at this guys and I am not sure if Sonic hatchback parts could fit my spark ( https://zzperformance.com/collections/sonic-cruze/products/zzp-1-4l-sonic-stainless-catback-exhaust ) Trying to locate specs and diagrams... Any help? How about a universal short throw sifter? will it fit? again can't find much information.... Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a project in mind to customize my 2019 standard spark into a street legal race car. I have found coil overs at bc racing and eibach is about to lunch their own. Also have found stabilizer bars linking both suspensions. so basically does any one knows if there is a custom muffler without restrictions and street legal? Also how about installing a short throw shifter? Any ideas, suggestions? Thanks and I’ll start building my car after winter and will share photos