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  1. Raising redling a few hundred wouldnt hurt. How are your valve springs and retainers after pushing boost? If it can handle a few psi i think it can handle a few more rpms. But i know nothing about stock ecu tuning and if any of that is even close to possible or if standalone is required.
  2. I have a 2015 standard trans, im working on setting it up for local NARA amarica stage rally. Hopfully to enter 2020 season. what im super interested in at the moment is if there is a way to change redline perimeters as to not fuel or ignition cut when redline is reached. And maybe launch control. The only mods i plan are maybe larger sonic or cruze throttle body retrofit, intake, headers for cat delete/relocation possibly exhaust aside from the load of safty equipment i.e. roll cage, seats, harness, fire suppression. So no turbo or anything like that. I have a feeling this motor has some untapped potential. I rev to 6 grand all the time motor is still running like a champ. Plan to check compression soon to see where i sit after 75k but 60k is probobly highway miles so 10% it highway speed wair my block probobly has 20k hard miles. But when i rev to 6500 and hit that fuel or ignition cut whatever it is i feel like the motor is hitting a second wind. Peak hp numbers at at 6400 rpm what does that say? Its still pulling at red line and wants to go. I mean thats my no knowledge of tuning un educated guess lol but thats how hondas take advatage of vtec by bouncing limiter an that is still pulling at redline.
  3. Any progress on the spark tune?
  4. Thedrip! You are a spark god. I have a 2015 spark and would love the dxf and stl files for this project. Love to see poeple doing thoughtful preformance mods. I have plans to cage my spark and do some amarica stage rallys. Im in the process or developing skid plates, abs bypass, cat delete high flow exhaust manifold. Im pondering wether the spark could have a strong aftermarket and it would be worth developing for the spark. I think i might give it a shot. Many of these chassis around the world. Maybe not now but when people can pick then up for sub 2 grand that puts it right with the rice civics of yesteryear.