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  1. Hello, I am going to modify my 2016 Spark EV with some new speakers. Apparently, the car wants 8 ohm speakers. The fronts may be 4, I am unsure. Replacing 4 with 8 will just be quieter, but replacing the rear 8 with a 4 is going to risk electrical issues. The Spark EV rear speaker is poorly designed in that it does lack any enclosure, which I would like to rectify. I have decided that in the back I will rig a mount using vinyl pipe strap to hold in place two speakers made by BIC for home audio use. These speakers just about exactly match the available grill space for the speakers built into the Spark, and are 8 ohm speakers of a similar surface area to the stock speakers, in total. The stocks are a 3x5 oval, these are a 3.5 woof and a .5 tweet. 3x5 oval = 11.78 inches square 3.5 circle = 9.62 inches square .5 circle = 0.2 inches square In the end, the rear speakers, now with enclosures and a higher range of frequency output, should sound vastly improved with no other modification. This is the DV 32 B for those interested. It is rated for 5 to 125 watts, so, it should work well with the stock amp which runs around 5 to 10 watts per channel. The question now is what to do about the front speakers. The fronts have enclosures but they are lost when replacing the speakers. I do not want to have no enclosure around the front. I could leave them alone but I prefer to change it. I have decided that I will move to 8 ohm fronts simply because finding speaker enclosures to fit in the front space in 4 ohm has shown to be impossible. I have found three options for the front speakers, which will be enclosed and improve the overall sound. I am unsure which to go with. I thought I would ask for tips here. Orb Audio Mod 1 The stands can be taken away. Gallo Acoustics Mini JBL Pendant C62P All of these can fit in the space available and provide an enclosure for the sound. Please share suggestions! Thank you.