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  1. West Branch, Mi here... Just got a 2019 LS 5 Speed last week. Doesn't look to be too many of use around here that are active.
  2. Any dealer can order the parts. The Spark isn't a high profit car to sell, so not many dealers sell them. If they are not sold, then they don't come in for service and parts are not billed out. This leads to the GM computer that handles inventory for dealerships to not ship out parts for stock in dealerships. I'm a Parts Manager at a GM dealership....
  3. 2019 LS 5 speed. 39.7MPG. car has just less than 1,000 miles on it. Running Mid Grade Fuel.
  4. There is no info in the Gm parts catalog other than a part number of 96682355. Some times it will give the thread and pitch, and sometimes it doesn't.
  5. I just looked this up as I'm a Parts Manager @ a Chevy Dealership. You have to purchase each part separately and maybe drill holes. I'll know Monday when I get my Base Model 5 Speed as I'm wondering the same thing.