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  1. Our 2013 Spark turns five this month and has 29,030 miles on it. It's my wife's car and she still loves it.
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. It's crazy around here. 356 days before Christmas and people already have their decorations up.
  3. Welcome JB. That IS an awesome color. Looks like a good wax job really makes it sparkle!
  4. I seldom drive the Spark because it was specifically bought for the wife, but she still LOVES it. (Mama's happy so I'm happy.)
  5. I haven't looked at all the "new posts" from last time I was here, but was that it from Chevrolet?
  6. + (Last year = four days ago.) Sorry. Take care of yourself first, though.
  7. P.S. Meguiars for me, too.
  8. Last year, you said you were going to post photo's. What happened?
  9. The wife calls it "Happy Baby."
  10. "Rinsless wash" sounds so odd. I'm not sure I could do it
  11. No worries. Gotta do what ya gotta do.
  12. Good tip. Thanks.
  13. Good choices. How long until "after college"?
  14. Congrats!