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  1. Good morning/day/evening good people! My name is Tevin and I reside from a small town in sunny South Africa.I drive a 2015 Spark LS and i have owned it for just under two years now.I'm currently an apprentice at a dealership which does chev,isuzu and opel so i do all the work on my car.It has treated me well so far but i really want an LT so that might happen hopefully. Mods wise,I haven't done much apart from LED interior,park and numberplate bulbs.I fitted some cheap xenon bulbs but visibility sucked in the rain.I fitted an EZ lip that lasted an entire month before tearing off.I did have a tiny sound system in the car which started with a 8 then a 12 then a pair of 6s but thieves are enjoying my subs now. Anyway,looking forward to seeing members rides and learning.