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  1. Had this on 2016. Its a defective thermometer that should stop the AC when reach to 4 Cel. Once its not stopped it cause ice that block the air flow. On higher speed fan its less happening cause the high airflow help it not to freeze. Im happy im not the only one.
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  3. Hi friend. Can you tell me the size of the speakers for the front doors and what size of "spacer" do I need to fit there new speakers? I installed an amplifier that runs 4 speakers (2 new rears) and stock front that I want to improve. Thanks. Daniel
  4. You probably did it already but for others who tries it: Pray it with plastic tool from the buttom, to remove the BLACK part. Dont try to remove the gray one as it bolted with two screws. After removing the black part, unscrew the 2 that holds the gray one, and pull it out. Now remove the 4 screws holds the headunit. These are the wires colors for speakers:
  5. I installed on mine Amp+ 2 rear 5x7" speakers on the back shelf. There are no wires for rear speakers on the car harneas, I didnt belive at the beging also. There isnt, trust me and all the people who tried. Do anyone know for sure what are the size of the front speakers in the doors ? I want to replace them also and I cant find the size anywhere. Thanks.