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  1. Thank you!
  2. Does this go for the 2013 as well? That could save me some cash right now. The manual says different, but I am open to real world answers.
  3. See below.
  4. Found mine at autozone also. It fits like a glove. Perfect. I will get the model tomorrow while I can see it.
  5. This is sort of an issue for the 2013. Mine has been a rough idler for it's whole life. You can have the idle reset, because it "learns" some BS from your driving habits. This sounds like it is going to low in RPM's that it is stalling out. Not the end of the world, try a reset from a shop that has the tools to do so, or, dare I say, the dealership :/ Edit: oh, check battery and alternator at this age too!
  6. Tranny fluid won't be an issue for a while. Check the manual for mileage. It lasts a while. I am just doing mine now at 90,000 miles. I have had no trans issues, just doing it for fun/boredom, and most likely for the only time in the cars life. It is recommended at ~97,000miles for a 2013.
  7. Hello. Doing new plugs on my 13 Spark soon. Just need to know a good torque setting for the new plugs. I am using the ACDelco stock plugs. Thank you!