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  1. swapping

    Okay. Thanks for the answer.
  2. Meet Snowfire my 2013 1LT. This picture is from when I got her from CarMax late this January. She had only 34k miles on her but now with all the driving I do for work she has gained over 15k to be in the 50k range in just a few short months. I have done a couple small things to her since getting her and will upload pics of those once I get her washed and detailed soon (She's a dirty girl right now). To name what I did though; I added interior lighting under the dash, added a 12v splitter with power switches for each port, removed the hatch lighting bulb and added led strips under each rear speaker and wired them to power from the connections for the factory light, added some visor mount sunglasses holders and put an F-it sticker with the stick figure dude humping the word it on the left side rear bumper. Like I said there will be more pics to come once I can give her a good bath.
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum and have recently gotten myself a 2014 LT1 and was wanting to change some parts on it to make it a little bit more aggressive in the looks department. I have found a few of the parts that I am wanting to swap in my year but one of the parts I want is for a newer model. The question I have is will the lower facia off of a 2016 Sparks rear bumper fit my 2014? For those who dont know what part I am referring to it is the piece that goes in the cutout on the bottom of the rear bumper (usually a black plastic). Mine is smooth the entire way down the piece and I found one for the 2016 that is diffused and would love to put it on, but I dont know if it would fit and dont want to spend 300 bucks after shipping if it won't work. If anyone has swapped parts from different years like that I would like to hear what did and didn't work for you. Also if anyone has any tips on where to find information on building the engine with a CVT for track use that would be also appreciated.