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  1. Alright, so I found an assembly for a Chevy Aveo. Does anyone know if these parts can be used in a 2014 Spark? It seems like they're a very similar vehicle. https://www.completestruts.com/product/19852/front-pair-quick-complete-struts-and-coil-spring-assemblies-2-11403-11404-001
  2. I am looking to replace brakes on mine for the first time. Not a mechanic and have never done any brakes before. 2014 Spark LS with 72K miles. Just recently started making noise (brake wear tab thing?). No squeals, no shaking or vibrating, just a light tik tik tik tik noise when rolling, goes away when brakes are applied. It seems from these forums I should just replace everything? Garage quoted me over $400 for just the front - assuming I can do it myself for half the damage. Suggestions on parts? How-to videos?
  3. Dang you really went for it... I'm just going to buy a bigger car... I wish the seats folded down flat like most vehicles. I don't understand the nearly half up approach... not super helpful. Yours sounds cool though!
  4. I recently went to a new garage (I just moved two states so I no longer have "a guy"). I know I need new front struts. He quoted me $375-$400 each side and said they would use a quick strut assembly. You know, the all in one deal. I wanted to check prices for myself but cannot seem to find this part that matches my car. Is there a sister car size they use or was this guy making stuff up and going to jam something that doesn't work in there?