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  1. Hi Chevy Sparkers. Im a Mitsubishi Mirage enthusiast and reader of MirageForum.com, a forum of fleet mechanics, DIYers, and brillant engineering minds. And Im here to help answer any questions you might have or direct you to actual experienced Mirage owners in regards to making the switch from a trouble prone Spark to the proven reliabilty of the venerable Mitsubishi Mirage. Some issues Im happy to discuss with you includes: 1. The evidence of much less issues of failure in the Mitsubishi CVT7 and its respective programming vs Chevy's very same Jatco CVT7 programming 2. Discussions of superior body design of the Mirage including mpg saving lower curb weight, 1st rated aerodynamics/low drag, larger cubic volume for storage, and more leg room in the back seat. 3. Mitsubishi producing more 5 speed manual units than Chevy per ratio. 4. And most important, the Mirage simply stomping a mudhole in the ass of a Spark in actual real world MPG. Please feel free to come at me, hard. But geniuine info is available if your ready to make the leap of faith into Japanese reliability and experience in producing subcompact minicars.