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  1. I'm pretty sure all of the G.M. Manuals are online and free for download. One site is. Then just type in the year, make and model of the Manual that you want, its free to download. Also you can read it online or after you download it, I'm sure you can print it out! Good Luck I downloaded the Entire G.M. Manual for my 2015 Chevy Spark in seconds, the G.M. Complete Manual is over 300 pages. Its in a file on my home page.
  2. HI, I have found the G.M. Manual for my 2015 Chevy Spark and downloaded the G.M. Complete Manual for my 2015 Chevy Spark. I'm sure It could be printed out especially if you download it. One of the sites is Then just type in the year, make and model of the manual you want. The best and most complete manual is over 300 pages. If you don't want to download the manual just read it online, or print it out. Its free! Good Luck! maryann021
  3. chevy sprak drivers door doesnt close all the way!

    Thank You for your reply regarding my Chevy Spark door! When I BOUGHT THIS 2015 Chevy Spark From R.K. Chevrolet Dealer in Virginia Beach, I was going to pay 7,400.00 cash , total price including EVERYTHING! The manager came in to tell me my FICO was over 800 and have me a lot of reasons why I should finance the car instead of paying cash! So I agreed to finance the car and a Credit Union with her low interest did finance my car! I had signed all of my papers and I thought everything was done, I made sure the Car Sales Man knew I did not want ANYTHING added to the car, it had 3 different warrenties already on it, even though one was getting ready to expire! I explained that I only put about 3000 miles a year on my car, and since they said it was in great condition, and had the car fax, I wasn't concerned that the car was going to need any major work ! I signed what I thought was my last paper, it showed that I was buying the car for 7400.00 and 500.00 down, my balance was 6900.00. Within a short amount of time I received a nice letter from the Credit Union that financed my car, also it had my balance that I owed! The Balance was 9080.00 and some cents!!!! I was so upset, because the papers that I signed at R.K.Chevrolet showed my balance was 6900, I was told that The Credit Union or No One else would finance the car unless, they added another Warrenty, ( mechanical warrenty?). It cost over 2,000.00 for a 2 year warrenty! I was so upset, I said NO ONE told me anything at all about a Warrenty, and NO ONE had my Permission to add a Warranty for over 2,000 to the amount I was fianancing, I signed papers that showed I was financing 6900 !! They knew if they had told me about the Warrenty or even bothered to get my Permission, that I would Never Have Agreed to adding a Warrenty! They all knew I wanted to pay cash, and I would have absolutely said NO to the Warranty and just paid the balance in Cash!! The WORST THING OF ALL which sounds like FRAUD to me, I was talking to the Credit Union 1-2 days ago, and I was "Shocked" when they told me They NEVER requested that a Warranty be added to my car to Finance It??? What was said was that was just another way for the Salesman /R.K.Chevrolet to make a couple extra 2000 bucks from me!! This whole thing sounds like FRAUD to me! It has been over 10 months since I bought this Spark, and I have not even put 1000 miles on it yet!!!?? I've been I'll the last year! Who in the World is going to pay at least 1000 a year to Warranty a car that's driven less than 1000 miles??? The Credit Union have me the Name of the Company who has the Warranty on my car plus their phone number, also information like account number etc. They said call them and Cancel the Warranty since you never wanted it!! That company said they would fax me a piece of paper to sign canceling the Warrenty! OMG the paper that I received had to be filled out by the dealer!.
  4. I just bought my 2015 Chevy Spark 6 months ago. Since then it seems to have so many problems, none are covered by my full warrenty. My Drivers Door closes but not all of the way, it causes one of the Dash Boards lights ( check engine lights??) to Stay in all of the Time, which in turn is Draining my Battery? Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this problem! I do not know if I need to have this fixed by the Dealer or if it is a minor and my son could repair it? I have seen quite a few articles online regarding the Drivers Door on the Chevy Spark not closing properly! Also to prevent an accident I had to hit the Curd, Just my front tires hit the Curb! Could this have caused this problem with my door not closing?? I would appreciate any suggestions Greatly!! Thanks, maryann021
  5. Maryann021, If I peel the Black Tape off my 2015 Chevy Spark, is the Color of the Car ( Silver) under the tape.?.I just bought my Chevy Spark and after it rained the Black Tape has bubbled, it's torn and wrinkled, It looks terrible! Can anyone tell me exactly what supplies I need to take this tape off, and also what I need to take any residue glue or anything the tape leaves. Is there any Special instructions that I need to do once I get tape off? Also if tape does not come off easily do U need to buy a special tool to take it off? Thank You, Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! maryann021